Friday, February 24, 2012


Heidi had her birthday in February, and she is always after me to make things for her. I decided to crochet a sweater and this is the results. It did fit her which made me very happy.

The cuffs are very tight but she said she liked them that way. This pattern called for Homespun Yarn, but I really don't like it, so I used Red Heart. It is a cardigan.

Handmade socks are a favorite of hers, so here is the pair she got for her birthday..
They are self striping, so you just have to be sure you start the second on at the same place in the yarn to make them match.

This is a knitted sweater I made and consider it a reject. I think it came out to big. I am not paying for postage for something I am not sure would fit. It is just sitting up in my sewing room now. Not the first time I made something I'm not crazy about. LOL. I am now working on two more projects and just finished another one minus buttons.

I am so wrapped up in reading my Nook, I find it hard to do any crafts now. I knit while watching TV in the evening. Not much good on so that isn't helping much.