Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This started three hours ago, this is after only a half hour of coming down,
It is still coming down out there now. The house you barely see in the picture way up on the left is where the kid lives that hit our garage. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. No snow that night, not even rain.
I think there is a ground hog hiding someplace in Pennsylvania.
The saying is sure true since March did come in like a lamb this year.
Update on my car, it is back in the garage, now, the key is damaged. I have a key
that retracts and there is a switch to open it. Someone must have forced it open. Yep, now I need a new key. They told my husband, when he took the key in, there would be no charge to us. He said you aren't kidding, there might be a bill for gas to this dealership. Will it end now????? I hope so. The garage is still in the waiting stage to be repaired.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I received the biggest box of candy I have ever seen in my life. This is from Eric and Becky.
This is my present from Bill, it is perfect. I can eat chocolate, read my book and listen to this CD I have been wanting forever. It is as good as I thought it would be. Thanks Bill.
This is the gift from Eric and Becky, the flowers light up when you put batteries in the little case. They said they are flowers that never die.
This is the inside of the box of candy and the cake they bought for me also. Then, they took us out to lunch.
This gift is from Brenda, my niece who came over and had cake with us. Thank you Brenda.
Brenda and me before I cut the cake. Thanks everyone for giving my a fun birthday. I also got money from George. Marlene, my pen pal sent me a pretty perfume bottle too.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I bought myself an early birthday present a little over a week ago. My birthday was yesterday. It is a Chevy Cruze. They make this car in Ohio so I like that.
I wanted a sunroof, so I had to take leather seats too. I prefer cloth but oh well.
When the car was less than one week old, our young neighbor ran into our garage. My car was on the other side of this wall. A shelving unit almost as tall as me, tipped over into the passenger side. A pair of hedge clippers flew off and put a little dent in the trunk. The only other thing we found is a little scratch above the back passenger window. Lucky, he had Allstate insurance and they are paying. So far we have not had an estimate on the garage repairs. I hope this is NOT an omen.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Okay, I went out very early this morning to take these pictures of what we woke up to. It is very pretty, but I am sooooooooooo sick of it.
It is heavy and wet and clinging to the trees.
George just went out to use his snow blower on the driveway, he is supposed to go to Cleveland to pick someone up at the airport. It might be canceled, we will see.
The little house you can see in the background, is where the salesman lives who sold me my new car. I was his second customer. He is real young. We didn't know him or where he worked.
I will take a picture of my car when it is nicer out. It is a Chevy Cruze.
This is the fence at the side of our house, and a the frame of my swing at the left.
My little wooden windmill is feeling very cold right now I bet.
This is my neighbors car across the street. It is predicted to snow until midnight tonight, 6 to 10 inches. Holy cow, does anybody think it is really March?????

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This is a major attraction in our Amish area. It is in Kidron, Ohio and they had to close due to flooding. The store is partly under water.
This picture was taken in Shreve, Ohio. People just don't believe it when they read the signs that say high water. So many are just attempting to go through it.
They are searching for a woman who yesterday called 911 to say her VW bug went into the river. As of last night, they did not find her.
We have a creek running through our park system, and it is angry and running over the banks. We have had tons of snow, then thunder and lightening and now the floods. Come on Spring, Ohio is more that ready. We do have sun today.