Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I showed you a few entries back that Heidi sent me a gift in the mail and it was a Gathering of Snowmen. Tonight I started stitching them while watching Dancing With the Stars. It is now too late to finish the second one so I am off to bed after I finish this entry. They are fun to do Heidi. Thanks again.

Since I have finally decided I want to paint my kitchen (Salute) a really nice red, and then use white paneling for the bottom, chair rail. Not sure when this will happen, but I am thinking of what I will hang up. I bought a couple things. I decided to do this angel with the kitchen in mind. I found this white frame and blue mat so it works. She will just have to fly around till I am ready to hang her up.
Friday, we will be leaving on a bus trip. The trip is called Autumn on the Mississippi. We have two days on paddle wheel river boats and then bus to several other events. The first night we go to Madison, Wisconson. The last day we will be in Moline, Illinois, then home on the first of October. I haven't decided yet whether I will take my laptop. This will probably be my final entry until I get home. Stay well everyone. I will visit everyone's blogs yet tomorrow and Thursday.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I still have trouble seeing my little Kristy, all grown up, a wonderful Mom and wife. She recently started wearing glasses, and that too is hard to get used to. I guess it goes without saying that Kristy is one of my beautiful Grandaughters, and having a birthday on Tuesday the 23rd..
She is full of fun, a very caring person and always giving to others. Can you tell I love her? This summer, she was director of Bible School at her church.

This is her wonderful husband,Mitch, one of our family soldiers. He is a Captain in the Army and now stationed in Iraq. I couldn't love him more if he was born into our family. Kristy is holding the fort with Haali and Mitchell, until he comes home.
Here are the sisters. Mandie and Kristy are Fawn's daughters and I so wish she was here to see what beautiful women they have become. I bet she knows though. Happy Birthday Kristy. You can visit Kristy at her blog, Christian Crafter.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Today , my little angel didn't get any stitches. I have put four colors on her cheek and finally decided that the face color was the only one that worked. They had pink on her cheeks, three x's on one side, and two on the other. It just didn't work. She looked like a clown. Now, she is waiting for her wings to be finished.
The other night, Bill was here and I had dish cloth cotton sitting here with needles stuck into the skein. I asked him if he wanted to make a dish cloth and he did and here it is. He learned the basketweave stitch. Good work Bill. Now, get back to my red sweater. Winter is coming.

Now, the reason the angel got no stitches today, my son Eric, the truck driver, moved into a little apartment next to us. We all helped him. Now he has a place to call his own when he is in town.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I think for a short period of time, I lost my mind. I was thinking about hand quilting this hugh piece of fabric ON MY OWN. Now you see why, I must be nuts. Having never quilted before, I think I better go back to my original plan and put the buttons I bought on the pink squares. If it was a wall hanging, it would be different. I also have shams to do. I need to start smaller IF I ever get crazy enough to think I want to quilt. I DON'T. Sorry for the lighting, they do better when you click them.

When I was in Holland a few years ago, Heidi helped me put this together. I took the fabric and the pattern came in squares. She told me how much of each fabric to bring. When I got home, I added the border. Now, I have the back ready, and the batting. I went to Joanns yesterday to buy batting and while there, I bought quilting needles and thread. The backing fabric is part of eight yards I bought to make civil war dresses when Mandie was involved. I never used it. I have an entire Amish bedroom, so I need to JUST DO IT, my theme song, and put it on my bed.
This is one end of my living room. You can see the batting and back fabric on the end of the couch. On a good note, the skirt is finished on my cross stitch angel.

Monday, September 15, 2008


My Grandson Mitch is celebrating a birthday on Tuesday. He is stationed in Iraq and very much missed here in the USA. Your family and, I know, also your friends are praying you stay safe and the time goes by fast so you can be home again soon.
You are very much loved and we wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Friday, September 12, 2008


A few entries back, I showed you the book I bought with this July Angel in it. I have decided to stitch it, minus the July.
I don't like the colors they did it in, pink. I want her to have Red, White and Blue so I changed the pinks to shades of red. I am doing it on 18 count aida cloth that Heidi gave me. It said to make it on 14 count. So far so good. I started it on Wednesday.
I found this yarn at a super bargain at Joann Fabrics so I thought I better snap it up to make the prayer shawl I wanted to knit from the Debbie Macomber book.

This is the shawl. I think of the stories from Blossom Street and the people when I do a Debbie Macomber pattern. This one is going to be a wedding gift for the character Alix and is being made in Lydia's knitting class in the book Back on Blossom Street.

This is yarn I bought in Holland. It is for a pair of socks.

This is a sock book I got in a swap gift. Maybe I will try the cover page socks. Not sure yet. Anyway, these are upcoming projects.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


THIS IS 9 - 11, we can never forget what was done to our country on this day.
I hope if you don't already have one, you will buy and wear an American Flag pin. We have a man running for president who refuses to wear one. Also, be proud to be an American and stand with your hand over your heart when our National Anthem is played. No, it does not need to be changed to This Land Is Your Land. Can you tell I am proud to be an American and KEEP GOD in everything he is and has been in for many years. We don't need that kind of change. Put a flag out in your yard today, I have one everyday.

This pictures says it all. If our soldiers in Iraq can take the time to remind everyone what they are fighting for, maybe we should take the time to thank a soldier today. Never forget they are there. Yes, this is a unit in Iraq.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This is the sweater I started knitting in the car on the way to Canada. I listened to the audio books and did most of it while watching the boats. On the way home I was knitting the second sleeve. I decided to trim it with buttons, so went to Joann Fabrics to find some I could use. You can't tell very well, but they are in the basket weave rows I put in.

I put Zoe's name on but the color blends in, so you can't see it well on a picture.

This is the first sweater I knit for her. This one will have to wait until she grows some. I will just pack it away for now. She will get the top one when we finally go to Myrtle Beach and I see her.


Please say a prayer for Jason, Mandie and Zoe. Jason's Dad has been very ill and last night passed away. We know he is going to a better place, free of pain and sorrow.
It is always hard to say goodbye to a parent, but he wanted to go. Be safe in your travels to Texas and stay strong at such a hard time. Visit Mandie's blog, Army Wife is My Life. You can click on it from my Friends list at the side of my blog. I know she will appreciate your comments. She does approve them before they show up. We love you Jason, Mandie and Zoe.

Monday, September 8, 2008


When I got home from Canada, I found a package waiting from Heidi.
It was packaged so nice, I wanted to take a picture before I looked at the pattern.

The fabric was over the book and now, here is the pattern book. Cute little Snowmen.

Here they are, marching across the page. Black and white, but I know I will manage because they are little snowmen. I will be motivated and Miss Pickles the Elf knows that. Thank you Heidi for my cute little Snowmen. I have a fall package almost ready to put in the mail for you. It won't be packaged as well.

Here are the talking books I was listening to while knitting in Canada. Two by Luanne Rice. She is a very good author. I never got to the third one yet. I am sewing the sweater up now, and went and bought the buttons. I will put it on the blog as soon as I finish it. I also bought Debbie Macomber's new book while I was shopping. 8 Sandpiper Way. Can't wait to start reading it.
I got a blogging award from Sweetie and will post it with my sweaters. Thank you for thinking of me Sweetie.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


This is the sign at the visitors center. It says where ships climb the mountain. They really do. They go through eight locks climbing up all the way.
This is one of many murals painted along the walking path. This one is on the corner where we stay. Next time I will try to take pictures of all of them.

Anyone looking for a new home?????/

Maybe you would like this one better. Can you only imagine being on one of these things? Hey Eric, you said you wanted a boat. Hummmmmmm.

This time we got to see our US Coast Guard.

Not to be outdone, here comes the Canadian Coast Guard. Hey, the yachts went the other way, in case you care. LOL

OH OH, now we have the Police boat. What is going on, we never see them.
We had a very nice weekend again. Patricia, the Inn owner had her friend there for the weekend and we got acquainted. She used to own a Cross Stitching Shop. She is going to read my blog, and maybe start one herself. Hope so. If she does, I will let you all know so you can visit her. She is looking for a pattern she lost. It is a Stoney Creek Christmas Scene from about 1989.
I told her when she has a picture, one of my stitching friends might be able to help her. Hope you start a blog very soon Vivien. If you need help, my daughter Heidi will be glad to help you.
It was great meeting you.
When Mandie told Zoe we couldn't come because of the hurricane, she cried. Mandie explained we would come at another weekend. Zoe said "oh, that girl hurricane."

Anyone remember that little saying in the title???? I am off now to catch up on blogs. I am happy to say, Kristen is back to blogging at Christian Crafter. Welcome back Kristy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


September 4th is my Son in Law Jos birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day Jos and hope Heidi makes you a yummy cake. I know how you love sweets. I left your present at your house when I was there. I know you do not like your picture on the blogs, but I had to do it. LOL. See, Heidi is laughing.

Tomorrow, Thurday, we are going to Canada again. Yes, back to watching the boats again. The original plan was to leave for Myrtle Beach. Since hurricane Hanna wants to visit there, we thought we should stay away. They were very nice and let us change the date to October 10th. Hopefully the storms will all blow away by then. We will be home Sunday. Talk to you then.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


"Try to remember the kind of SeptemberWhen life was slow and oh so mellow
Try to remember the kind of SeptemberWhen grass was green and grain so yellow
Try to remember the kind of SeptemberWhen you were a young and a callow fellow
Try to remember and if you rememberThen follow--follow, oh-oh." -
Try to Remember, Lyrics by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt

Yesterday I was talking to Heidi and she said it was Sept. 1st and I said "no it isn't". Guess what, it was. Where did August go????? Hope you all have a good September and maybe some yummy Pumpkin Pie.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Hope you are having a great holiday. I am hoping I will have a very quiet one. George and his brother went to an October Fest and invited me but I didn't want to go. I will be happy if I can quietly sit and knit.
Thursday we planned a trip to Myrtle Beach to meet with Mandie, Jason and Zoe. Well, it looks like those plans might have to change. A hurricane is on the way to that area. I am going to have to call tomorrow and see if we can postpone the plans. Miss Zoe will not be happy.