Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Being born and raised in Ohio, I feel very lucky. Ohio is a truly beautiful state. I can do without the snow, but fall is a wonderful time of year. This is an Amish yard. They keep their property perfect. You can stop to buy pumpkins from some places.
I love seeing the kids going to their one room schools. It is fun seeing them anywhere. At auctions, playing ball, playing in the yards and in the buggys. They are darling.
The farmers all use horses for plowing. It is a treat to see them in the fields, they all wave when we pass by. They are very friendly. I love living near enough to drive through their area and eating is a treat there. The food cannot be beat. You should try to visit Ohio soon.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I just finished the witch hat so I added it now.
I just want to bring you up to date on the final items I am doing for the craft show. It is October 10th. I just made these four bears, and I am now working on a little bear with a witch hat. I haven't made the hat yet, so I am not sure it is going to work. I have I think five more bears to knit for after the witch.
This is the latest adult poncho I made. I have sold 5 adult ponchos, 4 kids ponchos, 8 bears and four hats so far. This is the list I have for the craft show.
10 Hats
14 Ponchos
1 sweater
8 Barbie
Doll ponchos
30 or more Bears
1 Afghan
2 Hat and Scarf sets
I think that is my list u
p to date for now.
I don't plan much more, but with two more weeks, you never know.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today is my Granddaughter Kristy's birthday. She never eats ice cream, and when Mitch was in Iraq and she was here, she decided she would. Mitch enjoyed the picture when she sent it to him. I hope your birthday is wonderful, cause you are.
Monday night, I couldn't sleep. I got up about 1am and went upstairs to my sewing room. I had, some time ago, put my Acer laptop up there since it just would not work. I bought a new battery and tried that, I had my cord repaired, and nothing was working. Well, I had the old battery in and decided to plug it in and try again. It came on, but only for a minute. I removed the battery, put the new one in, left it plugged in and went to bed. The next morning, YEAH, it is working. My son, Bill, came over yesterday and did all the updates and yes, so far so good. I am using it now.
You can see how much smaller my little mini is. When I talk to Heidi, it raps. She says I can record as a rapper. I could not multi task with it. I bought it for travel, so maybe now it can go back to being a traveler. I hope I didn't speak too soon, I walked away for a few minutes and it shut down. I am back on my mini again but will try later.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


This is pretty much it. I was placed on the table and my head goes into a form they made the last time I went. It is a thing like styrofoam they pump up around you. Everytime I go, I get put onto this form to be sure I am in the right spot.
They leave the room but say they can hear me and see me. It looks like star wars when you see the machine working. It first shows the round part with thin red lines going across each other at the top, then another one coming in from side to side and meeting.
It changes sides and then comes back again and then the large square part is used.
You don't feel it really, just hear the machines working. It is over in five minutes, they helped me up and said, "ok Nancy, see you tomorrow.
I will go every weekday for 6 weeks if no problems arise. The doctor said he will be watching each week to be sure my skin doesn't burn.
Again, thanks all of you for caring and praying for me.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Yesterday, we went on a one day bus trip to Marietta, Ohio. We boarded the paddlewheel boat called the Valley Gem. We had a buffet lunch, then went to be in the race. There were many people lined up on the shore to watch the fun.
This is our boat throwing water from the wheel in the race. It carries a hundred people or more, and I figured no way could we win. The Capt. told all the passengers to go to the back of the boat to put the paddle in deep, and WE WON.
These are two of the boats we raced, there was one more on the other side. They were way ahead of us at this point.
This is after the race on the way back. Just another of many boats. I didn't know there were that many paddlewheelers. There were several races in different catagories.
Another one just going along at a smooth pace.
This one was fun, it has a calliopy on the barge part. I don't know how to spell that, but you get it, it makes music. LOL. It was a fun day and then we visited a winery and had lots of taste and then a sit down dinner there.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I hope there is a flag in every American yard or on their houses somewhere. We can never forget this sight. I remember exactly where I was and I bet each of you do also. Pray our country stays safe from harm and take time to thank our Military Men and Women who are out there protecting us everyday.

I had some good news today when I went to see the Oncologist. I will not have to have Chemo. She had a test done in California called, Ocotype DX. You are rated and I scored a 16. In the lowest catagory, you have to stay below 18. If you stay in the lowest scoring region, you do not need chemo. She said I could have it since it was on the high side of that scale, but there were three higher regions. I hope I am explaning this. She said if it was her Mother, she would tell her she didn't need the chemo. I said thats good enough for me.
The bone scan showed no cancer but she said I have extensive arthritis. Ok, I knew that, I can deal with that. She said it is in my spine, my feet, my ankles, my wrist. Okkkkkkk, I get it. LOL
I have to have a bone densitity test tomorrow, but that is nothing, I had one before. I know that is spelled wrong, but you get it I think.
I go tomorrow also to have the consultation with the doctor who will do the radiation. They said it will take about an hour and a half.. When the radiation
starts, it will be everyday, Monday through Friday for six weeks. I am fine with that also.
I have to take a pill everyday for five years.
Ok, sorry I wrote a book. I just wanted to say PRAYER does help and I had a lot of people praying for me out there. I thank everyone of you. I didn't want to have chemo and now I don't have to.

Monday, September 7, 2009


This poncho is a special order from my niece for her Granddaughter. I cannot believe my nieces are Grandmothers. Wow, where did the time go?
Sonja asked if I was still making ponchos, and the answer is oh yes. This one I sold this morning.

This is the latest adult poncho I made, it is sage green.
I sent this picture to Heidi and she said, "Mother, what do you have on TV" sorry, it was a commercial. I edited the picture, but guess I didn't save it. My sons said I needed some team bears and some for boys, so I now have 27 bears finished.
I decided to make more hats too.
Some of the bears close up. People are asking to buy some so I might need more before October. I will see.

This one is a childs size with butterfly buttons. Sorry if I am boring you with ponchos. LOL

Saturday, September 5, 2009


On Thursday, I had a bone scan. This is not exactly the machine they used, but
similar. I didn't move, a part of the machine did. They said it took pictures above and below at the same time. The only weird part, was when the plates were about 3 inches from my face. I shut my eyes till it moved away. Once it got past my waist, they told me I could move my arms and head. I was trying to see the pictures then but they were almost over my shoulder.
They tape your feet together over your socks. Guess this is what I look like under all of the clothes, however, I am not and never have been this skinny. LOL. I am feeling just fine. They also called me from a lab in California to tell me they are doing a test from the tissue they removed. It will tell if cancer is likely to come back in ten years. My oncologist said she was going to do a gene test to help my family. I hope this was also that test. On the tenth, I go back and find out what my treatment will be. If after all this, she says I need Chemo, I will be ok with it.
At least I will know they really checked first. She did call to say I need to take vitamin D, my levels are down and I need 800 units a day.
Thanks to all of you again for caring and asking.
From text:
A Bone Scan (also known as radionuclide scan) can reveal if the cancer has spread ... machine that uses advanced x-ray technology to take pictures

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Tomorrow, my Son In Law, Jos will be having a birthday. He is celebrating his big 50.
If you stop by Heidi's blog, be sure to mention it. LOL. He won't approve of me putting him on my blog.
Hope your day is very happy Jos.