Saturday, September 5, 2009


On Thursday, I had a bone scan. This is not exactly the machine they used, but
similar. I didn't move, a part of the machine did. They said it took pictures above and below at the same time. The only weird part, was when the plates were about 3 inches from my face. I shut my eyes till it moved away. Once it got past my waist, they told me I could move my arms and head. I was trying to see the pictures then but they were almost over my shoulder.
They tape your feet together over your socks. Guess this is what I look like under all of the clothes, however, I am not and never have been this skinny. LOL. I am feeling just fine. They also called me from a lab in California to tell me they are doing a test from the tissue they removed. It will tell if cancer is likely to come back in ten years. My oncologist said she was going to do a gene test to help my family. I hope this was also that test. On the tenth, I go back and find out what my treatment will be. If after all this, she says I need Chemo, I will be ok with it.
At least I will know they really checked first. She did call to say I need to take vitamin D, my levels are down and I need 800 units a day.
Thanks to all of you again for caring and asking.
From text:
A Bone Scan (also known as radionuclide scan) can reveal if the cancer has spread ... machine that uses advanced x-ray technology to take pictures


Linda said...

Hi Nancy....wasn't this an amazing machine? I'm glad the test is behind you and all went well. I'm praying you get a good report on the 10th. Have a nice holiday weekend...hugs, Linda

onlymehere said...

Thank you for updating us. Isn't it truly amazing what they can tell and do with modern medicine. I'm praying for a good result for you. I'm just curious since they tape your legs together does it take a long time to do the test? I hope Heidi is doing better now too. Your family has certainly had its trials. God bless you and have a nice weekend.

DonnaTN said...

I'm glad you are feeling well. It is good that your doctor is being so thorough with the testing. I will keep you in my prayers.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Nancy, I will pray that are your tests come up negative. It sounds like you have a wonderful Doctor.


Amy Marie said...

As always, we're thinking about you! I forgot to tell you last Sunday, that I am having a few thyroid issues too. I talked to Kristy about it. My B12 is low as well as Vit. D, so I'm trying the supplements first. I hope that those new tests will be able to give the family and you answers! Technology is amazing!

Judy said...

Hi Nancy, I'm so glad that step is over. I get a bone scan every two years. I don't have osteporisis but I was diagnosed with osteopenia so I take Bonive monthly which is no big deal. I've never had my legs taped and I thought that was different.

Sonja said...

Hi Nancy, thank you for sharing! I am trying to say things but it is so difficult to write in a different language about things a person can feel or experience in these difficult times: I think is must be difficult for you to be patient and have to wait every time for several days or weeks before the next step in your treatment is "duidelijk" (clear, set) (i think Heidi can translate what I am trying to say).
I respect the way you are dealing with it all!
I am also curious about your knitting project. The sale is in october? Are you still knitting poncho's or are there enough for October?

Tam said...

Nancy, it sounds like you have a great doctor. I'm glad the bone scan went well.
You are still in my prayers.

Mary said...

Nancy, I'm glad to know that part is over and that you will soon know the outcome of the scan. Waiting is the hard part always. Hope any necessary follow up treatment will go well for you dear.
I'm so tired of medical related appts. lately - I have two more this week regarding my throat problem, plus a dentist appt. for a crown. I just want to say enough is enough but they have you coming back again and again!!! Golden years....what a joke!!

Stay strong dear - better days are sure to come.
Hugts - Mary.

Sweetie said...

Hi Nancy, Thank you so much for sharing this information. I have never seen such technology. Also, this is the first that I have heard that an oncologist will do gene testing. I can truly understand the confidence that you have in her. My prayers are with you. Love, Sweetie

Heidi said...

These tests are the easy part. I won't be home when you hear the news and will have to wait until Saturday to hear when they decided. I am not surprised you need vitamin D since you never go sit outside and get shorter each time I see you. But never fail, I can still bend over and give you hugs! :-)

Love and hugs ~