Friday, January 28, 2011


Guess I am fighting like a girl Eric and Becky. My mamogram came back clear again. A year and a half behind me now. Now, this T shirt is going with me on Tuesday.
Off I go on US Airways from Canton Akron Airport tooooooooooooo
No, not Disney World, but to ---------

My cousins house in St Petersburg, Florida. I know the weather is not too great in Florida this year, but it has to beat all this snow. No computer with me this trip.

Friday, January 21, 2011


May 20 1961, Bill, Fawn and I boarded a plane just like this one to go to Wheelus Air Force Base in Tripoli, Libya, North Africa, to join their Dad who was stationed there.
This flight was 24 hours of in the air time. The military crew was wonderful. At bedtime, they made the seats lay flat for the dependent children and it was quiet enough to hear a pin drop. We stopped in Bermuda and the Azores and both times I had many GI's asking if I needed help with the kids. Longest flight I ever had, and probably the best. No one can beat the Military Men taking care of dependents.

This is a bread market along one of the streets. Needless to say, we bought our bread at the commissary on base.
Santa came on a camel and I have pictures of Bill and Fawn on the camel he came to the base on.
This is a picture of the propeller of the Lady Be Good, a plane that went down in the area. I have a picture of Fawn and Bill sitting in front of it at Easter all dressed up and Fawn covered with the remainder of the chicken pox.
This is a little Arab girl and again I have a picture of Fawn standing with one. I do need to go hunt to pictures now so you can see us in this setting too.
Friends and I took our kids to the beach and when our guys came to check on us on their lunch hour, they layed a thermometer on the sand. It was 120 degrees. They told us we better head home soon. We did.
I thought you might want to see some of what we saw when stationed at Wheelus.
We, for the most part, stayed close to the base. We went to town once in awhile, but only when our husbands were with us. It was an experience, many years ago.
Bill started first grade there, and the bus (not a big yellow one) was driven by an
Arab. I sure did not like that at all.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Now of course, they have to be California Sunkist seedless oranges. We lived in Florida for nine years, and I always made Bill buy me California oranges. LOL.
He thought I was nuts. Well maybe! I got this big bag for only $3.99.

Way back, before Heidi and Eric, when we lived in Africa, I worked at the base Education Center. An Arab professor brought in oranges and asked if I wanted one. I said no, they are too messy to peel. Well, I got a lesson in orange peeling.
First you cut off the top. Then,
you score the sides into sixths. You peel down the sides. Boy, it is easy and no
mess. These are so yummy.
Now, this blog entry was Heidi's idea after I told her I bought the oranges. She said to show my Mom's method of cutting and eating oranges. She and all of the kids just loved my Mom and what she said was right. Cut in half then quarters.

Then again in half and you have loads of wonderful pieces of oranges to eat. Too bad Heidi, George ate this one.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This is a new toy for George. He has one, but bought a better one. This one is bigger. He says it is heavier and harder really. He says he does like it, just has to get used to it.
Here he goes, first sweep, he might have done Bill's drive (he is always doing ours), but Bill was already out.
Middle of the night, 1am, he was out there doing his drive when he got home from work. Needless to say, it snowed again during the night. He has to go to work in an hour. You can see Becky's truck is loaded. Eric is on the road. Today is Eric and Becky's anniversary. Happy Anniversary guys. I love you both.
Took this just to show how deep it is.
My bradford pear tree, and the neighbors pine. That pine is huge.
Lots of snow on the garage roof too. Right now it is sunny, so maybe we have hope. No school today for the kids so they might be off to the movie and Bill might be busy.
PS: I kept the project. It is ongoing as we speak, don't cry now Heidi.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Bill bought this cute little one cup coffee maker for me for Christmas. I love it. It is great to make just one cup. He found it in a drug store and proves you sure don't have to pay a fortune for nice things. Thanks Bill. So far, I used my Joann's gift card to buy three cookie sheets, badly needed, and a pattern book.
My niece, Brenda, bought me the yummy smelling candle in a jar, which also smells like coffee.
This beautiful basket was a gift from a lady George drives and does things for. It is very beautiful and I hate to take it apart now. I bought the poinsettia because it is a unique color.
This is a book I just finished, on the left, and one I am just starting on the right. The finished one was very good and I like the author of the second one.
This is about to be an abandon project. It was to be a gift for Heidi. Start over, I found I would be wayyyyyyyyy short of yarn for this and not sure I can get it again.
Try again.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


All of my growing up years, my Dad gave my Mom a Whitman Sampler for Christmas. Later in life, Eric took over and gave them to her. This year, I guess I became my Mom, Eric and Becky gave one to me. The first thing I go for, is the little Whitman Chocolate man. Memories! Thanks Eric and Becky.
This shirt is also from them. It says fight like a girl and has the breast cancer symbol with boxing gloves hanging from it. Neat.
Still thinking pink, Becky bought this Ft. Myers Beach jacket for me while she was vacationing there. I used to live in Ft. Myers. Very nice.
Bill gave me a one cup coffee maker with a thermal cup and a gift card for Joann's.
George gave me money. I think I did very well for Christmas.