Sunday, January 9, 2011


Bill bought this cute little one cup coffee maker for me for Christmas. I love it. It is great to make just one cup. He found it in a drug store and proves you sure don't have to pay a fortune for nice things. Thanks Bill. So far, I used my Joann's gift card to buy three cookie sheets, badly needed, and a pattern book.
My niece, Brenda, bought me the yummy smelling candle in a jar, which also smells like coffee.
This beautiful basket was a gift from a lady George drives and does things for. It is very beautiful and I hate to take it apart now. I bought the poinsettia because it is a unique color.
This is a book I just finished, on the left, and one I am just starting on the right. The finished one was very good and I like the author of the second one.
This is about to be an abandon project. It was to be a gift for Heidi. Start over, I found I would be wayyyyyyyyy short of yarn for this and not sure I can get it again.
Try again.


Heidi said...

No! I love that yarn so do not abandon it. PLEASEEEEEEEE.... :-) The Amish book looks like it was good. I knew you said you were going to start one by a new author. And what better for reading a book? A good cup of coffee. I am glad you like your coffee maker.

Miss Daisy gave you a really nice basket of goodies too. What all is in it?

Love and hugs,

Susan in SC said...

The gift basket is really pretty. I like the yarn too. If you don't have enough yarn for your original project, you will just have to find a new project! Sounds like Heidi really likes that yarn!! :)

Linda said...

That is the neatest coffee maker...just perfect for a morning cuppa and I love coffee candles, but I really have a hard time finding them. Hope you can save your yarn's vey pretty..hugs, Linda

onlymehere said...

Sounds like Bill bought just the right gift for you! You're right, some of my most cherished things didn't cost very much but they sure were made and given with a ton of love enclosed! I loved Heidi's comment begging you not to give it up. I hope you can find more yarn just for her :)

angelasweby said...

What lovely presents, Nancy. I love that mini coffee maker, it would suit me perfectly as no one else drinks real coffee in our house.
The basket looks full of goodies too. I can't think of anything nicer than lots of little presents!

I hope you don't have to abandon that knitting project. The yarn really is gorgeous. Is there something smaller like a little neck shawl you can make. There's a great free pattern here which I saw and fell in love with. I'm sure Heidi would love this too :>)

Hugs Angela xx

Saskia said...

Love the little coffee maker. That's smart thinking. One cup to go!
I hope you can make something of that yarn. It looks so nice.