Sunday, March 29, 2009


This cookbook is proving to be a lot of work. I decided now that I want to put some early pictures in it too, where space permits. This picture of Fawn with her birthday cake, is in the kitchen, but her receipes don't allow for large pictures. The kitchen part had to go into the trash. The main idea was to have a receipe in the person's handwriting and a picture in the kitchen at any age.
She she loved Halloween, I thought I would add a touch of it on her page. Heidi likes to say that Fawn is staying forever young.
George has only been with us for about 14 years, so his early picture is with Mitchell when he was smaller. His only kitchen receipe is Macaroni salad, everyone loves it. We were on a trip on his birthday one time and they gave him this banana split. I did get a couple bites.
I have one other person almost complete and all of the pages are ready for pictures and receipes now.

Yesterday, a package came and it was from Barbara from our online stitching group. She made this beautiful pillow with a really nice verse. It has heart buttons and is oh so cute. She sent two DMC threads also. Thank you so much Barbara, I love your gift. The card is also cute.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ok, maybe Spring really will come to Ohio. I found these beautiful daffys in my yard this morning. Now, don't get too excited, tomorrow they are predicting snow. Oh yes, that is SNOW. Today is just so pretty and nice temps. I had to go out to buy black ink cartridges for my printer it is really a perfect day. George is busy this morning but maybe this afternoon, we can go someplace.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


This isn't my car, I don't have a red car anymore. I borrowed this picture, but when we went to breakfast this morning, this is exactly what we were seeing. It is supposed to get into the fifties today, but we will see.
Today, I am washing clothes, maybe scrapping later and almost finished with this book. It is written by the same author as the Ladies of Covington, but I don't think it is nearly as good.
Yesterday I made homemade vegetable soup and we will have some today also. I bought yummy Italian bread to go with it. Bill came to eat and also took soup home with him.

I haven't been cross stitching my Warrior since I had my eye done. I bought reading glasses, but still didn't attempt it. Maybe I will tonight. I knitted this Barbie doll coat and hat with some scrap yarn I have.
I also knitted this skirt and sweater. I haven't knit any Barbie clothes since my Granddaughters were small. My little Princess Zoe will get these. Hope you are all having a good day and better weather than we have.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


If you have some time today, visit Heidi on Needlenecessities,you can click on here, she is holding a blogging birthday party for Carolien. I met Carolien when I was in Holland and she is a wonderful person. She bakes the most yummy apple pies. She invited us to her house, which used to be a priest house.
It is a beautiful house, she gave us a tour. I hope you are having wonderful birthday Carolien.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This lace card and the very cute scissors came from Heidi. The scissors have a bunny running along.
I love red and she made this fob with stork scissors as the charm. I love it. Thank you Heidi.

This gift is from my Sister, Ruth. She also took me to lunch. I love the Fancy Nancy book and read it at her house. LOL. I haven't read all of the Laughter one yet. The pin cushion is really cute. Thank you Ruthie.

Brenda, my niece, brought me wonderful dark chocolate and this loose tea and tea ball to make the tea. Thanks Brenda, three pieces are missing already. LOL

This wonderful Wedgewood ornament was sent to me by my pen pal in England. We have been writing since we were eight years old. (That is a very longgggg time). She has given my many Wedgewood pieces over the years. Thank you so very much Marlene.

Angela, from our online stitching group sent me this DMC thread and this great smelling lavender bag. Wish you could smell it, wow. Thank you Angela.

Our group started a thread event this year for birthdays. We are supposed to send a card and one embroidery thread. Everyone said what type they prefer. I am new to stitching, so I like DMC so far. This one is from Joni, who lives in Lancaster, Pa. Thank you Joni.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today, George and I took a trip to Pennsylvania and back so I could meet Sweetie. Today, they had a fun raiser to award a scholarship in her daughter's name. Most of you know, her daughter was murdered a little over a year ago, and they have not yet found the murderer. They had a spagetti dinner to raise the money. I am so happy we made the trip, she is so worth meeting. They are giving this to a student who would not normally qualify for a scholarship, it will not be based on grades. What a wonderful thing to do, her daughter Michelle put it all together. She has a great family, I was able to meet them.
I embroidered this tote bag for her on my embroidery machine. It has a little touch of Holland in blue work. She loves blue.

The lining is blue and white checks.

She has a new Great Granddaughter and she is named after her Grandmother, the one who was killed, Sherry. Since they spelled her first name Haylee, she won't find her name on things. I know, my Great Granddaughter is Haali. I embroider her name on things. Sweetie told me she uses her full name. I saw the baby and she is a little darling.

I bought the outfit, then put the name on it.

I did practice names in different fonts and colors, so I took the practice fabric to her so maybe later she can use them on something.
It was a long day, it is five hours each way, but it was really worth it. Thanks to George, I wouldn't have done it by myself and I really wanted to go and surprise her. She was working in the kitchen and one of her Grand children went to tell her to come out. She didn't work while I was there, she sat down with us. LOL.

Friday, March 20, 2009


This picture c0uld not have been taken in Canton, Ohio today. No one remembered to tell Mother Nature that it is the first day of Spring. It is quite cold and we needed winter coats this morning. You can see out temps here. Oh well, happy first day of spring anyway and I hope some of you are really seeing it.
Weather: Canton, OH
AccuWeather® Current Conditions for
Temperature: 26°F / -3°C RealFeel Temperature™: 17°F / -8°C Humidity: 63%Winds: N 10 mph / 16 kmh Pressure: 30.39"Visibility: 10 mi. / 16 km Last updated

March 20, 2009 09:09



Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well, just a few (hahahahaha) years ago, I started school and looked like this picture. Ohhhhhhhh my, where did the years go?
Here I am on the last day I am 69. Tomorrow I hit the big 70. I really don't know where all those years went, but I guess you can't be a Great Grandmother three times and not get older.
I am just happy I don't feel my age.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The Shamrock

There's a dear little plant that grows in our isle,
'Twas Saint Patrcik himself, sure, that set it;
And the sun of his labor with pleasure did smile,
And with dew from his eye often wet it.

It grows through the bog, through the brake,
Through the mireland and they call it
the dear little Shamrock of Ireland.

Irish Blessing

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am not Irish, but I hope everyone of you wonderful bloggers have a Happy St Patrick's Day.

This little guy is actually supposed to be an Irish Santa. I forget the brand name of them. I think they are called Krinkle Klaus

I received this award from Tammy, you can click on her blog from my friends list. Treadleworks by Tammy. You are supposed to list 7 things you love and then give it to 7 bloggers. I am going to say, I am giving it to each of the bloggers who visit. Please do take this award from me now.
2. My country
3. My life
4. My friends
5. My crafts
6. My Books
7. This should be first, God for giving me this good life
I hope I see this award on all of your blogs now and thank you Tammy

Thursday, March 12, 2009


My Heidi:ok she got to come today and boyyyyyyy am I happy. She is very tired but ok. She said she had to take two showers before she could get dressed in that little hallway to leave the room. She says she is too tired now for a needle and thread, so that will say a lot. Get well soon little girl. I love you bunches.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Heidi is now in an isolation unit at the hospital and bored to pieces. She said she has a TV and her magazines but wants to go home. I got to talk to her today through wonderful Skype. Jos called me on Skype then called Heidi at the hospital and I was able to talk to her. She said she now has a rash on her arms and the nurse is going to tell the doctor. It just started. I hope the pill is not causing it. She got to do pill form, not drinking it.

No one can come into the room. She said one nurse did come in and had to fully suit up and Heidi had to go into the bathroom and shut the door until she left again. She has a big thermos full of hot water to make tea and has to drink lots of water. Her food is delivered into a hallway and then they knock. She opens the door to then get the food. This pictures looks like Jos and me saying ohhhhhhhhhh poor Heidi. If all goes as planned, she will go home tomorrow and then has to stay at least a meter away from everyone. She should be on tomorrow with her own news on her blog. I was just so happy to hear her and know she is basically ok. Typical Mom. Thank you all for your thoughts and most important prayers.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My surgery is done and I am back home. It went well. While he was doing the surgery, I was seeing a pink kalidiospope. I went into the operation room at 7:25AM and was back in the room at 7:50. I already know I will no longer get by without glasses. George had some reading glasses here, several different pairs, he bought for cross stitiching and I am wearing a pair now. This was my eye that had a detached retina before so that was my only worry.
Ok, news on Heidi is not quite so easy. She has to stick her neck out. Today she had yet another needle put this time in her arm, to measure the weight of her thyroid. Tomorrow she does have to be admitted to the hospital. She will drink the radio active JUNK, and will have to stay in over night. What she wears in has to stay there, so she is hunting old clothes. She has to only take books, no handwork and her book covers can be wrapped in plastic wrap. Gees, this is just not fun at all. She asked if she could run away to Ohio and I said of course. The problem would come too, so guess she better just put her neck out there and do it.
Needless to say, I will be saying LOTS of prayers for you my little Heidi.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I've had a busy day today. I finished a third of these four books a friend lent me. They are about a LOL, her words, Little Old Lady. She gets involved in solving murders.
I'm about to start the fourth one, but not tonight. My warrior is demanding some attention now.

Earlier I made a gift using my embroidery machine. I can't show that yet, I have to wait until I deliver the gift later in the month. The person visits my blog. I was also busy doing more pages for the cookbook .

I have all but three sets of pages ready I think. I have to take stock again and put names with the pages, to be sure I have everyone.

I am trying to fit the pages to the person who's receipe will go on them. I have almost all of them ready and still need to look for some pictures and then it will go together very fast. I am trying to use pictures of the people in the kitchen. Some might not be possible but where I can I will. I have been planning to make this book for a few years now.

Friday, March 6, 2009


On Monday, Heidi has to go into the hospital to start the radio active therapy for her thyroid, which is now doubled in size. She has to drink radioactive liquid. She will have to be in isolation for a few days, then still not be more than a meter close to anyone for three weeks. This does not sound fun, but I hope it goes well and is certainly better than surgery for her.
On the 10th, I am going to have my second cataract done. I go in and out on the same day. I have a great doctor so I'm not worried about it. I have a cough right now that has to be gone before I go in, but it is getting better everyday. Right now, I am not wearing glasses, but they told me I will need reading glasses when they are finished. I think until I get them, I might not be able to stitch my warrior. Hummmm, not good.
This might be both of us when we are finished. Hope not though. I think mine will be all covered by insurance and hope hers will too. Why that turned blue, I do not know.
Please keep us in your prayers as we both go through these procedures.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This is the first page of our familiy cookbook. This picture is very old and worn, but so very typical of my Mom and Dad, I had to put it in. When I was in high school, when we got out annuals, my Dad always said he was first and last for me. He would sign the first and last page before anyone else signed it. I figured he would want to be first and last in this book for sure.
Heidi was asking me if I ever finished this stitched piece. Yes I did, and here it is. I haven't found a frame yet.

Ok, I have been able to do a little more on the Warrior's blanket. Now I have a dilema. People are thinking this is a woman. I showed my friends this morning and that is what they all thought. I guess I might have to take the backstitching out of the nose and makes it more harsh looking. What do you think?