Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well, just a few (hahahahaha) years ago, I started school and looked like this picture. Ohhhhhhhh my, where did the years go?
Here I am on the last day I am 69. Tomorrow I hit the big 70. I really don't know where all those years went, but I guess you can't be a Great Grandmother three times and not get older.
I am just happy I don't feel my age.


Heidi said...

You are not old and never allowed to be old to us dear mother. How can you be when you still have 3 young kids who have to be cared, Bill and Eric. :-) I am sure this coming year will bring you perhaps some tears but lots of happy moments, laughter and joy. Those last thing things I will personally help take care of! I love my mother after all...

Love and birthday hugs ~

Tam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and I think you look great for your age!!

Clare said...

Many Happy Returns of the day for tomorrow - I hope you have a wonderful day.


Mary said...

Wow! dear Nancy - you certainly could have fooled me - I thought we were the same age! Just hope I look as good as you and can do all you do when I've added 5 more years! Amazing how fast the years have passed - sometimes it seems like yesterday when I was a child.

I'm sorry I haven't stopped by since I found out about your cataract surg., PC problems and life in general has just had me tied in knots for a week. Glad all went well for you. Thanks for stopping by - I always love to read your comments because, as I've mentioned previously, you sound just like my dear mother. It was 6 years last Sunday since she died, now where on earth have those year gone? I miss her terribly still but always have a little chat with her at night. Going home to England has never been the same since she passed - the house is no longer ours, she's not there waiting at the window, I have nowhere there to stay that really feels like home now. Even her cantankerous ways I miss - she was just like you, honest to a fault and always told me things I may not have wanted to hear, but I still loved her for it!! I hope you get to see Heidi this year even if you can't make it to England. I'm still hoping to get to Holland and meet up with you all one of these days!

Glad Heidi is out of isolation - I know how concerned you were but it sounds like she is doing fine.

Much love - Mary.

Mary said...

Gosh, in case I can't back on tomorrow, here's wishing you the happiest Birthday ever Nancy. Have a wonderful day and let them all spoil you - you deserve it all!!


hazel said...

Hi Nancy, HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY and after having met you I know you certainly don't look or act your age. You have finally caught me up. Have a lovely day and take all the spoiling you can get you deserve it. Love Hazel (UK)

Carolien said...

Dear Nancy,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! In biblical terms you belong to the group of the very strong ones. Very appropriate, don't you think?
I wish you a very pleasant day with your family and friends ... and a very good New Year!!!

Big birthday hug from Carolien

Mandie said...

Hi Gramma!!!! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday Gramma Great!!!!!! happy birthday tooooooooo youuuuuuuu!!!!

HA HA HA! Zoe and I love you very very much! We hope you have a great day! I will call you tonight so both Zoe and I can talk to you :o) Love you bunches!


Tam said...

Thank you for your kind blog comment Nancy :D

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to you Nancy. Have a wonderful day. You are the nicest and I'm wishing you all the best...hugs, Linda

Rhondi said...

Happy birthday Nancy! I hope you have a very wonderful day.
Love Rhondi

prape said...

Hi Aunt Nancy!
Happy Birthday to my favorite aunt who even ran outside with her nightie on to get me an ice cream cone from Mr. Softee!!! Remember??
Hope you have a wonderful birthday and great year!!!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Nancy! You look great! I look at that picture of you and see my Mom! Most of all though, those are Grandma Smith's eyes! Hope your birthday is a blast!

Joanne said...

Happy Birthday, Nancy! I hope you're having a wonderful day :)
Hugs, Joanne

Amy Marie said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Nancy! I hope you did something fun today!

angelasweby said...

What beautiful photos. The same bright smiling eyes and sweet laughing mouth link the two pictures together and melt away all the in between years.
I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration.

I wonder if you've made a mistake with your adding up Nancy as you can't possibly be celebrating the big one...haha!
Lots of hugs Angela

Sweetie said...

Nancy, You look so young. Age is just a number. Where do the years go? I hope your birthday was wonderful.

Brigitte said...

I love the pictures you show in this post. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY wishes are coming your way!

Anonymous said...