Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More of Holland

Heidi and me heading to downtown Amersfoort. This was last week, since then, we went to Germany.

This is an old walled city. Notice the cobblestones.

This building is made of containers from ships. They are apartments now. Want to find your bicycle. This is nothing, you should see them at the train station.

This is a closer view of the container apartments.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Today, we went in to the city center and shopped for awhile and had lunch. These buildings became famous in an Anton Pieck painting.
I bought a little Sint gift for Heidi and she was checking it out on the down escalator. We had lunch in this store.
As we were getting ready to leave the city, we heard that Sint was coming. No, not by train, but by boat on the canal.
Piet comes on a few boats leading the one with Sint on it. Sint comes from Spain
and rides his white horse when he leaves the boat.
It is said if the children are bad, they will get the roe (like an old style broom) and put into a sack and taken to spain if you are really bad.
This Piet was hanging from the rigging on the way in. The Piets all run around give the children little ginger cookies called Peppernoten.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


On Friday, I will be traveling to Holland via Washington DC on United Airlines. I hope the flight is as good as it sounds. My travel time is not bad at all. I arrive very early Sat. morning which will be right after midnight for me.
It says welcome in front of the new front door they added to their new house. You can visit Heidi's blog to see all the trials they have gone through. She posted on her Cranberry Cronicle.
You can click on it from my friends list.
This is the front of the house. They have a beautiful backyard area and Heidi has
a wall of windows and a door leading out to it from her quilt studio. The light will be great to work with.
Here is my little Grandkitty who is missing his (my) bed to relax on. It has already been moved to the other house. At least he still has Heidi and Jos's bed
to sleep on while they are off working, and boy have they ever been working. I look
forward to seeing the new home. My suitcase, and yes only one plus a carry on is zipped and ready. See you soon Heidi, Jos and Dagi.