Saturday, December 31, 2011


I wish a very happy and prosperous 2012 for all of my family and friends.

Monday, December 26, 2011


One day, Eric came over and we made Pizelles. It is very time consuming.
On another day, it was Bill's turn. These are his favorite cookies and he wants icing so it is his job to do them. Eric helped with sprinkles then too.
First thing in the morning on Christmas, Eric came and did dinner from beginning to end. At this point, he decided her wanted noodles so he made (from scratch) our old fashion Pot Pie noodles. It was a favorite of mine as a kid.
Here he is putting them in the boiling broth.
Here is his masterpiece, stuffing and all. It was a totally wonderful dinner, thank you Eric. Even Heidi was with him in the kitchen. We put the video cam on skype and she saw him working away. Tonight we are going to eat the left overs when Bill gets home from work.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Thanks Eric for finding this.
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone REMEMBER OUR TROOPS

Sunday, September 18, 2011


 Our neighborhood had tree trimming by the township.  This is our neighbors tree after the trimming.
I was a little paniced thinking this is what they were going to do to our tree.
 This is after our tree was trimmed, and as you can see, not bad at all.
 The trees had to be taken out of the wires.  Ours was far enough that they said they didn't have to cut as much.
 This was a before, and you can see it is not so much different
Here they are, getting started.  They cleaned it all up too.  We fared very well.
Thanks Heidi for changing my blog so now it works.  I could not get pictures to
load at all.  Now though, I have to think different.  The pictures go on in different order.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011


My Dutch Son-in law has a birthday today. I hope you have a great day and I hope Heidi baked you a cake.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


After thinking I had sprained my ankle, I had to keep it elevated and ice on it. So, I was reading books a mile a minute. George said, why don't you go to the library since shopping is too hard and you can save money. Well, now this is the fourth
trip to the library.
With a now broken ankle and in a cast, my movement is limited before I wear out. on the last trip, I asked for 14 books to be ordered for me. I got an email saying one came in. George took my return books in and was picking up the one book. Well, he came out with all of these books that had come in.
I normally take a tote in but sent him in just with the books. He came out with this nice tote. Thank you library, I really like the tote. I just finished the one book with the gnomes on the front, a suggestion from Heidi. First time for this author. It was very good. I am starting on the second book now, by Earlene Fowler.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


This is my Mom, she was a tiny little lady and believe me, everyone loved her very much. She has been gone for many years. Okay Heidi, here it is.
Since I broke my ankle in July, I had to have a cast and a walker. Well, the cast has to stay on for three more weeks. I told Heidi I was now using a cane. She knew I had Charlie, my Mom's cane. The name is still on it under the handle.
Bill went to my attic tonight and recovered it. He had to use steel wool to clean it up, but here it is, out of retirement. My Mom is smiling down on me now since I
have her Charlie back in use. It is even the right height since I have lost inches.
Thanks Mom, I will take good care of Charlie for you.

Both my Granddaughters called her Miff, they couldn't say Gramma Smith at first.
I added that after seeing that Mandie wrote Miff.

Monday, August 1, 2011


First, thanks Heidi for the border. You always manage to find what I want. I just got my letter saying I am two years cancer free. Hopefully soon, they will find a cure so no one else in my family has to have breast cancer, or any of my friends either.
Now, I fell on July 20th and thought I sprained my ankle, well, no, I broke my ankle. I walked around on it for 8 days then finally had it checked. I am now in a red and white cast and looked like a candy cane, until they added a blue shoe. Now I am the flag. Leave to me to wait all these years to break a bone.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Meet Abigail Lynn, born June 23rd weighing 9 pounds 3 ozs. She is 22 inches long. She is a beauty.
This is the proud Mom and Dad handing the baby to big sister, Zoe
Her she is, proudly holding her new sister

Monday, June 20, 2011


For George's birthday, he got this upside down garden from Becky and Eric. We planted two tomato and two pepper plants in it. They are doing great.

One day, talking to Heidi she gave me the idea to make a little scene on the top of it. I had dollhouse furniture I never used, and some gnomes in my collection, so this it what it turned out to be. I took parts of two small plants, and put them in too. A blogger gave Heidi the idea. I love it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


By now, I am sure all of you know that my daughter Heidi lives in Holland. This is her house. It is a beautiful home, after many headaches and much work, (she and Jos both) want it perfect , it is getting there.

She is very creative and sentimental. These are her shoes from when she was a tiny little girl.

Recently, she taught herself to crochet. This is an afghan she made for the new baby, Abigail, due to arrive on June 23rd in Arizona.
This is a heart that she recently quilted the inside of. You can see the metal heart in the next picture that I borrowed from Saskia,
Thank you Saskia, you can click on her blog from my friends list. I love this heart and the colors she chose to do it. I told her it is in danger of jumping into my suitcase the next time I come over.

These pictures were posted on Saskia's blog of quilt night at Heidi's. She has this once a month in her beautiful quilt studio in her home. I have been there many times and this is a fun group of ladies. You can see the heart I showed you if you enlarge the picture. This is before it was quilted.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Here she is, my Zoe Princess. She just left to go back to Cleveland. She is flying home on the 17th. I will be missing her now very much.
She was just having a ton of fun using my mini computer while she was here.

I made two doll dresses for her, and this one I made a skirt and she made the top and a scarf for her.
No one is ever allowed to get into my doll houses, but guess who did. She cleaned them for me, and did a very good job.
Here she is cleaning the toy shop and apartment. She was very careful, she even did my biggest one in my bedroom.
This is when we were getting ready to board the train that leaves from Canton and goes to Akron. We were the only three passengers onboard on Sunday.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


We should honor our troops everyday, but please remember them especially this weekend. They do so much for this country.
I didn't plant these, but they come up each year for me to enjoy. I know they are Iris, but I grew up calling them flags.
I did plant these, and they also come up each year. They do not last long however.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Every Monday, Heidi puts on making something new from something old and tells the bloggers to also do it. This is Heidi quilting but not from something old.

This is the semi that Eric drives. Heidi sent him an email of a trucker quilting when he is sitting at truck stops. Now, this guy has nothing on Eric. Way before this email, ---------
Eric wanted Heidi to make him a quilt. She keeps putting him off, so guess what, he made his own. I had civil war fabric wool scraps upstairs so I brought them down and here is what he made in only ten hours and with lots of M & M's.

This is the result, and he has it in his truck keeping him warm. Great job Eric.
Heidi says that all quilts need a label before they are finished. This is Eric's. Now you see why they both had to be on this post.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


This cute card and a gift card came from Bill. Thank you very much Bill

I should have taken a new picture today, these flowers are even prettier now. They have opened much more. The card below came with them.
Thank you so much Mandie, Manny, Zoe and baby to be Abby.

These two pictures show one of my gifts from Eric and Becky that we took into the yard and Eric attached them to the tree. I have never seen anything like this and it is certainly cute. I love it. Thanks you two.

This is also from them, a windchime. They know I love anything USA. The gnomes I had in my yard got broken or faded so they thought they needed replaced. Now these two live out under my Bradford Pear tree. We had a cookout, but ate in. It was a fun day.