Thursday, June 9, 2011


Here she is, my Zoe Princess. She just left to go back to Cleveland. She is flying home on the 17th. I will be missing her now very much.
She was just having a ton of fun using my mini computer while she was here.

I made two doll dresses for her, and this one I made a skirt and she made the top and a scarf for her.
No one is ever allowed to get into my doll houses, but guess who did. She cleaned them for me, and did a very good job.
Here she is cleaning the toy shop and apartment. She was very careful, she even did my biggest one in my bedroom.
This is when we were getting ready to board the train that leaves from Canton and goes to Akron. We were the only three passengers onboard on Sunday.


Mandie said...

Awe...I know you will be missing her a lot. I know she will be missing you too. Great pictures Gramma :) I know that my peanut has been in good hands while she's been away and I know it was important for her to have some time with all of you before Abby arrives. Love you lots!


Heidi said...

My little pickle is growing up! She is just getting so big now and starting to change in her face too...more grown up girl now. I know you had fun and I enjoyed talking with her while she was with you. I am tickled pink that she was sewing. Hope that sticks. :-)

Love and hugs,

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

Zoe has certainly grown a lot, nice to see. I bet she had the time of her life, I mean ... being allowed to touch doll houses, wow! I love doll houses, so this was a surprise!

Have a great weekend & hugs for you and George,

onlymehere said...

What a precious young lady your Zoe is! She must be since her gramma allowed her to clean the doll house! The train looks like a fun ride but I'm sorry you're missing her already. The good thing is, she can come back!

onlymehere said...

I thought of you yesterday. I found out we have a new yarn store in town. I went in looking for yarn for my Raggedy Anne I'm making (I need to find a different kind of blue for the hair and peachy orange for another one I'm doing). Anyway they had the kindest older woman working who was so helpful and knowledgeable about yarn. I thought of you and how you love to knit and knew you'd be happy there. I told my daughter about their free classes where they teach you to knit or crochet and can't teach her. It's fun to see her want to go and learn to crochet. She's wanted to learn for a long time but I don't do either but it's fun to see her take an interest. Hope you're having a great day.