Monday, June 20, 2011


For George's birthday, he got this upside down garden from Becky and Eric. We planted two tomato and two pepper plants in it. They are doing great.

One day, talking to Heidi she gave me the idea to make a little scene on the top of it. I had dollhouse furniture I never used, and some gnomes in my collection, so this it what it turned out to be. I took parts of two small plants, and put them in too. A blogger gave Heidi the idea. I love it.


Heidi said...

It turned out really cute mother. Can you put a flower or something in it too yet? Just better hope those gnomes do not steal the tomatoes and peppers while you are not

Love and hugs,

Dianne said...

Love the upside down garden! Love the gnomes. I have several in our flower gardens.

Tammy said...

Your upside down garden is lovely! Heidi sent me a link to view your creation. I'm "the blogger" who posted a photo of a fairy garden that gave Heidi the idea for your upside down garden. :o)

Saskia said...

Like the idea, upside down garden. more ideas to garden. Just as I see people have wall gardens, and roof gardens.

Sonja said...

What is upside down with this thing? A garden? I don't understand..
But I do like the gnomes and their nice garden!

Susan in SC said...

I am anxious to see how this upside garden grows. Love your landscape you have on top!

onlymehere said...

Nancy, this is too adorable! I'm loving the idea. Way to go Heidi! You're both so creative.

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

Well, this is a novelty for me, how funny!
And those gnomes are having such a nice place to stay ;)
Did I miss that birthday??? Anyway: congratulations!!!

Hugs, Carolien