Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have to post an update for Heidi of the cross stitch I am doing for her. It is coming along now. I am doing the lettering which I changed to all one color. Each word was different and that didn't seem like Heidi to me. I have to do the border after that.
I taught my Daughter in Law, Becky to cross stitch and gave her three patterns and boy she went to town. She is already on the third one. She spent the afternoon with me yesterday and we stitched and chatted. It was fun.
I have been wanting to get a recliner again. My niece was downsizing and had this one in storage. I bought it from her. I love it. I gave her more than she asked for it. It is so compfy.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is Eric's truck. He is an owner and likes it that way, in spite of repairs he has to do. This one was taken out west.
Becky was with him here, and snapped the picture as they were traveling down the road. I would say highway, but Eric really likes the mountain roads when he can have them.
Someone asked me to put their wedding pictures on, but there aren't any. They didn't have a big wedding. This is them hiking in Ohio.
I am very happy I didn't see them sitting in this spot, Oh my, I would have had a heart attack. GET OFF THAT HIGH DROP PLEASE.
Now this is Eric at his happiest. Holding his new Grandbaby. This is Becky's son and daughter in law's baby. She is a cute little bundle of joy.
I love these two so much and can't wait to see the new little one.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


This is a very special week for my Great Granddaughter, Haali. She is only 16 but is graduating with honors from High School on Friday. She is in National Honor Society, and has a year of college in already. Needless to say, she is one smart girl. The best thing about her is, she is NOT a smart alec. She is a very nice girl.
Last night her parents hosted a big party for her with her friends. Her family party is next Sunday. I will once again be on Amtrak for a trip to New York. Her Mom took her pictures. She has Hale Photography and is really good. I love you guys and look forward to being with you for this special occasion.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


When we were in New York, Mitch (my Grandson), took us around where he works and to a museum on post. In the gift shop, George bought me this
name patch like they wear on the uniforms. The sold purses there to put them on, but I told Mitch I would rather make one from his uniform. They are getting new ones. I made this from a shirt/jacket that he wore in Iraq. It means so much more to me now. I used his pockets and sleeves, etc. Inside I put a cell phone pocket from a cuff and a key holder with velcro.
Since I am going to New York for Haali's graduation from High School on the 24th, I will be seeing Mitch's parents and Kristy's other Gramma. I made them and Kristy book covers. Hope they will like them. That shirt went a long way. I made myself a book cover too. The one for his Mom is a curve in the sleeve, not a mistake or crooked sewing. LOL

Sunday, June 6, 2010


.George and I just celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary on June 4th.
My Granddaughter, Kristy, has a business she named Hale Photography. When we were last in New York visiting, she took us in the park and took pictures.
She is very good at finding cute ways to take pictures.
She does this a lot, and I told her I liked it, so she said, walk down the path.
We did and this is the picture. Love you Kristy, you do great work. This is
only four of the twenty we had to choose from. She took over 400.