Sunday, June 13, 2010


When we were in New York, Mitch (my Grandson), took us around where he works and to a museum on post. In the gift shop, George bought me this
name patch like they wear on the uniforms. The sold purses there to put them on, but I told Mitch I would rather make one from his uniform. They are getting new ones. I made this from a shirt/jacket that he wore in Iraq. It means so much more to me now. I used his pockets and sleeves, etc. Inside I put a cell phone pocket from a cuff and a key holder with velcro.
Since I am going to New York for Haali's graduation from High School on the 24th, I will be seeing Mitch's parents and Kristy's other Gramma. I made them and Kristy book covers. Hope they will like them. That shirt went a long way. I made myself a book cover too. The one for his Mom is a curve in the sleeve, not a mistake or crooked sewing. LOL


Heidi said...

It really turned out cute mother! And I am sure Ditty, Haali and Mitch's mom will love their book covers too.

Love and hugs,

onlymehere said...

How creative of you and totally fun! This will mean the world to those who you're giving them too and I know it means more to you than a store bought purse! Love the creativity used here. The curve of the elbow was a great way to use it too.

onlymehere said...

P.S. Noted your nice new picture of you on the side and was wondering what a Goldwing Trike is? I'd love to see pics of you and George riding it!

Saskia said...

That are cute gifts! Like them all, and there are special because there made by you.

Elly said...

What a great idea. I think they will be happy to get it as a present.
Hugs and groetjes

Susan in SC said...

Aww, this just brings tears to my eyes. What a special way to honor Mitch!

Sonja said...

Hi Nancy, you did a great job in making these very personal gifts! Did you use your embroidery machine to make the names?
Thank you for looking after my crops! I did not plant new seeds, because I don't take the time to look properly after my own crops. I tried to send you and George and Bill a gift in retur, but I think I did something wrong.
The farmville takes to much time. My laptop is so slow and I have to do some stitching and knitting and crocheting and quilting too. And if I don't finish my quilt-homework in time...I am in trouble with Heidi (LOL).

Linda said...

Nancy, your purse and the book covers are wonderful. I love that you used one of Mitch's shirts to make them...what a nice way to keep him close and honor him.

Happy 15th Anniversary! All the photos are wonderful, it would be hard to decide on which ones to choose....I especially like the one of you and George peeking out form the tree and the one of you both holding hands and walking down the path is very touching...have a happy day...hugs, Linda

Littlebit said...

Enjoyed your blog! I cannot believe you are old enough to be a great g'ma..

Carolien said...

What a lovely things you made and what a great gifts they are!
How nice you will go to Haali's graduation, enjoy!

Hugs, Carolien

Hale Photography said...

Gramma!!! Those came out GREAT!!!! Woot!! Woot!! Go Gramma!!! LOVE THEM!!! :) Hmmm..... Maybe I am happy and am really liking your handy work! :D Love you!!!

Mary said...

What a great made such good use of the uniform and what memories the items will hold. Know they're gonna love them.