Sunday, June 20, 2010


This is a very special week for my Great Granddaughter, Haali. She is only 16 but is graduating with honors from High School on Friday. She is in National Honor Society, and has a year of college in already. Needless to say, she is one smart girl. The best thing about her is, she is NOT a smart alec. She is a very nice girl.
Last night her parents hosted a big party for her with her friends. Her family party is next Sunday. I will once again be on Amtrak for a trip to New York. Her Mom took her pictures. She has Hale Photography and is really good. I love you guys and look forward to being with you for this special occasion.


onlymehere said...

What a bright future she has ahead of her! This definitely took a ton of work on her part. How proud you and all of her family must be...and you have every right to be. She's a beautiful young lady.

Carolien said...

Congratulations on Haali's achievements, Nancy! Have a nice trip and come home safely.
Our girls have discovered the international farming business, as you have discovered today :) They were on the Dutch version before but switched lately. They like this one far better (more possibilities)!

Have a nice week & hugs, Carolien

Susan in SC said...

Congratulations to such a pretty, bright young lady! She must take after her grandmother!

Hale Photography said...

We can't wait either!!! :) I am such a proud mama right now! :) She has done such a great job of staying very true to herself through all of it and for that I couldn't be more happy with her! :) Love you Gramma and see you soon!!!! =D

Heidi said...

I am so glad you are going to be there and be a part of Haali's graduation. She has been a bright and special girl since she was just kindergarten age and sitting reading to us with such wonderful expression! I hope she finds her place in life through college and discovering what she wants to do in life. I feel certain things will come together very well for her. She has a exciting future ahead of her.

Have a safe and quick trip!

Love and hugs ~

Mary said...

Nancy, have a wonderful time - glad you will be able to share in Haali's graduation and I wish her luck and a bright, wonderful future.

Thanks for the comment on the village children - life is really hard for some and we are so blessed to have the good lives we have.

Warm hugs - Mary

Amy Marie said...

We're so excited for Haali! She's really accomplished so much! Awesome parents....I only hope that Lily turns out like her big cousin!

hazel said...

Congratulations to Haali and to you Nancy (you don't look older enough to have a GGD) have a good and safe trip.

Enjoy seeing all the family.

Love Hazel (UK)

Linda said...

Hi Nancy, what darling pictures and congratulations to Haali! She has a wonderful future and I wish her much continued success. Have a wonderful visit and enjoy the celebration...hugs, Linda