Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is Eric's truck. He is an owner and likes it that way, in spite of repairs he has to do. This one was taken out west.
Becky was with him here, and snapped the picture as they were traveling down the road. I would say highway, but Eric really likes the mountain roads when he can have them.
Someone asked me to put their wedding pictures on, but there aren't any. They didn't have a big wedding. This is them hiking in Ohio.
I am very happy I didn't see them sitting in this spot, Oh my, I would have had a heart attack. GET OFF THAT HIGH DROP PLEASE.
Now this is Eric at his happiest. Holding his new Grandbaby. This is Becky's son and daughter in law's baby. She is a cute little bundle of joy.
I love these two so much and can't wait to see the new little one.


Heidi said...

Yep...maybe he is my brother since he skipped daddy and went to being a grandpa If they cry or have dirty diapers just hand them back again. :-) Humm....grandpa? How old are you now Eric? I am only 6 and am trying to do the math. Haha!

Love and hugs ~

onlymehere said...

How fun to learn more about your family. What a darling little granddaughter for him and Becky too! I'm with you about that drop-off where they had the picture taken....too high for me, lol!

Saskia said...

Lovely photo's!

Linda said...

I bet he sees lots of wonderful country. I love their hats....cute picture...hugs, Linda

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

Nice pictures of Eric and Becky. I wouldn't dare to drive a truck on mountain ways, O NO!!! I think he is very brave in doing so.
The girls do enjoy their 'new family' at farmville very much, by the way :) Please don't spoil them tóó much otherwise I can't handle them anymore ;) You're such a sweet woman, big hugs!!!

Love, Carolien

Anna said...

They're an adorable couple Nancy. Thank you so much for proudly sharing their pictures with us. My son and his wife traveled to Venezuela, their favorite place, and got married there (they're Americans), so we didn't get to be present; but we are glad our son Jim and (new daughter!) Katie had things just the way they wanted! And now that they're back with family, we can love them all the more!

That grandbaby of Eric's is really a sweetheart.

Susan in SC said...

What neat pictures. My goodness, I would not want to see them on that high spot either!! Sweet baby!