Sunday, March 18, 2012


I decided to use up all the yarn I have left from the ponchos I made last year.  It has been sitting in my sewing room so it is time to get it used up.  There is no order to what I am  doing here.  Random picks out of the bin.
In the meantime, I stopped reading my nook and read three books that Bill bought.  This is two of them.  A new author for us and really a very good one.  It is a series and we started way into it, not knowing it was a series but it really doesn't matter.  Every book is on it's own.  These books are cheaper on my nook but he bought them.  
We also just read a JD Robb book, aka Nora Roberts.  It is New York to Dallas and a really good one.  Those also you should read in order.  
Okay Heidi, does this count as a 366 challenge??????

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Heidi changed my blog look last week and now it is only fitting that this little guy says
"Top of the Mornin to you".   Our St Patrick's Day is predicted to be sunny and in the 
70's.  Hope that is true.  We have had a very mild winter in Ohio this year and I am
not going to complain. 
I am watching DVD's that Bill bought me and I am just getting around to watching them.
It is the first season of the TV show Castle.  I am so loving it.   It is in the third year now,
but I want to buy year two also.  I have not been watching it since it comes on late here.
I think I will just have to after I get these DVD's watched.  
Still reading and crocheting also.  I am making an afghan from all my yarn leftover from
ponchos.  I will post it another day.  
Have a great ST Pat's Day and thanks Heidi for my new blog look.