Sunday, March 18, 2012


I decided to use up all the yarn I have left from the ponchos I made last year.  It has been sitting in my sewing room so it is time to get it used up.  There is no order to what I am  doing here.  Random picks out of the bin.
In the meantime, I stopped reading my nook and read three books that Bill bought.  This is two of them.  A new author for us and really a very good one.  It is a series and we started way into it, not knowing it was a series but it really doesn't matter.  Every book is on it's own.  These books are cheaper on my nook but he bought them.  
We also just read a JD Robb book, aka Nora Roberts.  It is New York to Dallas and a really good one.  Those also you should read in order.  
Okay Heidi, does this count as a 366 challenge??????


Heidi said...

I think I am going to look into the first book of this series. I cannot remember when Bill told me and I looked on my Kindle as to how much they were.

Love watching your Granny stripe as it grows since you sometimes sit and crochet online so I can really see you doing it. I think it should be called the 'Wrap me up and keep me warm granny stripe'. :-)

Love and hugs,

Heidi said...

P.S. - Yes...if you are using up...things count. I just told Jos that he is not allowed to buy new concrete garden bands since we have so many bricks that work just as well. Never spend a penny when you do not have to. :-)

Brigitte said...

I remember this author. Some years ago I read another series of hers, something like "Deep in the Valleys" etc. And although I don't remember the correct title of the books I know that I loved reading them.

Kristen said...

Love it Gramma! :) The books sound good! I can't wait to see you soon!!!!! :D

Susan in SC said...

Love your scrap granny stripe that you are making. Can't wait to see the finished product. Are you making a blanket with it?

onlymehere said...

Just wanted to drop in and say hi! Hope spring is headed your way and that you're all doing well.