Friday, July 31, 2009


On the day I came home from the hospital, my cousin brought this bouquet,
she grew the sunflowers herself. They were very cheerful and lasted a long
The roses are a gift from my sister, Ruth. They are still pretty. I have only had
to take three of them out of the vase. They neither one have a computer, but
I have thanked them.
I also want to say thanks to all who have sent very pretty cards. I also got a little
bear from Eric and Becky and will take a picture to post soon.
The doctor told me that he got all the cancer. He said he had three tries to get
all of the area around the tumor free and then took the lymph nodes. He said
he was having a problem getting them, and ended up getting six. Only one had
cancer. My next step is waiting for the oncologist to call me to set up an appt.
and then determine what the next step will be. The surgeon says I should be ok.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


OK, after 6 starts, I have a hat. I just could not get this one going. I was using the yarn to match the poncho and bear for my cousin. I am finally happy with the end product.
Now, this one went together in about an hour. Go figure. This is for the smallest little girl. i like this one a lot and might made more of them. Hope Louise is happy with them.

Monday, July 27, 2009


I lost the picture and had to put it back on. I showed her the bear and she liked the colors so I made this poncho. I am now working on two hats to match. I pulled it out twice, and now I am doing it a third time. I hope this one works. I did these before my surgery.
I find it much harder to make these items when they are a special order. I made the bear and poncho for one of my cousin's nieces. I started the second poncho, and turned it into the bear poncho first.
This set is for the littlest girl and it was pretty bright. I wanted her to see a small one for a bear to see if she would like the colors.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Zoe would tell me that there has to be a pink one. I have to knit a pink Barbie poncho for her when I send her birthday package.
I have to hunt buttons for these little guys now also. I have to be sure to put a note on them, that the buttons are only for show.
Of course, there had to be at least one patriotic bear. Maybe more will be added later. I have eight finished now. If I don't buy anymore bears, I still have 7 to make ponchos for. I have one more almost finished.
The nice thing is, if I am talking to Heidi on skype, I can set my little mini computer on the end table and keep knitting.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Poncho bears and a hat

Yesterday, I started the day with two bears. I made a poncho for the white one to see how it would work out.
Today, I bought 13 more bears and dressed these two right away, since I had the ponchos ready for them. They match the kids ponchos I made, so I might put them together at the craft show. I have another one finished except for the fringe. This is going to be fun, dressing these little guys.
I made this hat a couple nights ago and needed to chrochet a flower for it. It isn't as good as one Kristy would make, but with the little butterfly button, it worked out ok. This hat is adult size. I think you can figure out, I am having fun.
Kristy is also making things for this show. She is planning to come for it and I want her to sing in our church service when she is here. She does solos in her church and I love hearing her.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I finished this teen sized poncho and today I sold the first one I knit. It was the multi colored adult size. My friend bought it for her MIL, who is in a nursing home and always cold. Hope she will enjoy wearing it. I am starting another one today. I also chrocheted a hat. It is cute and I will show you another time. I didn't take a picture yet.
I had curtains down in three rooms to wash too. I love it when they are clean and up again.
I just finished this book, she is one of my favorite authors and I never miss her books.

This book belongs to a friend. I have read this author before, but she is not a favorite. I started one by Luann Rice now. I bought two by her from a flee market.

On Wednesday, July 22nd, I will go in for day surgery. I met with the surgeon today and he explained it to George and me. I had the option to choose the lumpectomy or massectomy. I chose the lumpectomy.
The doctor thinks it will be fine. I will be also talking to my family doctor, who is wonderful, to see if she agrees. I think she will since this is what she told me to expect. I chose the lumpectomy. He will check while I am in the surgery to see if the lymph nodes are effected. George wanted it done tomorrow. It doesn't work that way. I am totally ok with it and I believe what God wills, will happen.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I will just let you browse through the scrapbook I made of our trip to Canada.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I am kitty sitting for Bill's cat, Oscar, while Bill is on vacation.He is very lonesome right now.
Every morning I go to feed him, and let me tell you he is one very big fat cat.
He is very spoiled and could miss a meal but needless to say, never has to. LOL. He is missing Bill very much and has almost another week to go.

Monday, July 6, 2009


This is me on the glacier/ice fields
George on the glacier, his brother is right behind him in the beige jacket

The bus to the glacier

This lake looks like a wolf head and the color was amazing

I had to high five this bear leading into the shop, the only way we managed to see them. LOL

This is just a very beautiful lake

Whoops, out of order, but this is the glacier
This was on top of a mountian we took a tram up to the first day of our trip. I have lots more pictures, if you don't get bored.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


A few years ago, Heidi made me this hanging flag quilt. On 9/11, it was not possible to buy flags. The stores were all out of any flags. I pulled out my special flag made by Heidi, and hung it in my front window. People who saw it, wanted to know where I got it. Thanks Heidi.
This flag has a story to go with it, and she attached it to the back. The story is true.

This quilt is a reproduction of one made during the Civil War by Palmara Mitchell of Missouri. At the time, Missouri was at odds with Kansas, and even though both were Union states, Missouri was full of Confederate sympathizers. One day, Union Soldiers came by the Mitchell house and asked who their loyalty belonged to. The Mitchells didn't tell the soldiers they were from Kentucky and Tennessee. Still the soldiers refused to believe their loyalty was with the Union because they didn't have the Stars and Stripes displayed. The soldiers told Palmara and her family that if the flag was not displayed when they came back, the soldiers would burn the farm.
So Palmara went to her scrap bag and cut up several strips of turkey red, bright blue and white fabric and made this flag. It took her about three hours of hand sewing, and by the time the soldiers returned, the flag was finished. She had saved the farm.
The quilt now resides in the Collection of West and Historical Museum in Missouri.

On Monday, after returning from our trip, I was told by my doctor that I have breast cancer. On July 13th, I will meet with the surgeon. My doctor says it should be a lumpectomy and as it stands now, I should be able to have radiation then take a pill for five years. When they do the surgery, they will shoot dye in and then they will know if it is worse than the tests show now. I am praying that I will be able to have radiation not chemo, but have to wait and see.