Wednesday, July 29, 2009


OK, after 6 starts, I have a hat. I just could not get this one going. I was using the yarn to match the poncho and bear for my cousin. I am finally happy with the end product.
Now, this one went together in about an hour. Go figure. This is for the smallest little girl. i like this one a lot and might made more of them. Hope Louise is happy with them.


Heidi said...

Well I guess we can change the saying to the SIXTH times the charm because that hat is just sooooo cute! I am sure Louise is going to love them when she sees them.

Love and hugs ~

DonnaTN said...

Both hats are adorable! Glad you are feeling well enough to tackle a 5 try project!

Joanne said...

Nancy, these hats are so cute! I love the buttons on the flowers. It adds a nice touch, and I'm "into" buttons ever since seeing yours on those ponchos several posts ago :) I went to Walmart the next day and bought lots of them in different designs.

angelasweby said...

I see there is no end to your talents. These hats are gorgeous. Perseverence definitely pays off. I love the little flower trims. I need to learn how to make those :>)
Hugs Angela

Linda said...

Nancy...I like them both! Love the flower and I like the way the edge is too...glad you didn't give up...these are darling...hugs, Linda

Judy said...

How adorable!

Brigitte said...

Oh Nancy, these hats are adorable. I once had a friend who used to knit her hats - and she had dozens of them, lol.