Thursday, July 2, 2009


A few years ago, Heidi made me this hanging flag quilt. On 9/11, it was not possible to buy flags. The stores were all out of any flags. I pulled out my special flag made by Heidi, and hung it in my front window. People who saw it, wanted to know where I got it. Thanks Heidi.
This flag has a story to go with it, and she attached it to the back. The story is true.

This quilt is a reproduction of one made during the Civil War by Palmara Mitchell of Missouri. At the time, Missouri was at odds with Kansas, and even though both were Union states, Missouri was full of Confederate sympathizers. One day, Union Soldiers came by the Mitchell house and asked who their loyalty belonged to. The Mitchells didn't tell the soldiers they were from Kentucky and Tennessee. Still the soldiers refused to believe their loyalty was with the Union because they didn't have the Stars and Stripes displayed. The soldiers told Palmara and her family that if the flag was not displayed when they came back, the soldiers would burn the farm.
So Palmara went to her scrap bag and cut up several strips of turkey red, bright blue and white fabric and made this flag. It took her about three hours of hand sewing, and by the time the soldiers returned, the flag was finished. She had saved the farm.
The quilt now resides in the Collection of West and Historical Museum in Missouri.

On Monday, after returning from our trip, I was told by my doctor that I have breast cancer. On July 13th, I will meet with the surgeon. My doctor says it should be a lumpectomy and as it stands now, I should be able to have radiation then take a pill for five years. When they do the surgery, they will shoot dye in and then they will know if it is worse than the tests show now. I am praying that I will be able to have radiation not chemo, but have to wait and see.


onlymehere said...

Nancy, you definitely will be in my heart and constantly in my prayers. I hope and pray that the lumpectomy will be the only surgical treatment you'll need. I love the story of the quilt too. What a beautiful sentiment and an even more beautiful flag, not just bz of the story but bz of the love Heidi put into it. My heart swells with pride to think that you displayed it after 9/11. God bless you dear friend and may he always walk with you in this journey you're about to undertake. Cindy

Saskia said...

that is terrible news! I hope the surgery will turn out oke, and that radiation is the 'only' thing after that. I will lite a candle for you, and you be in my thoughts.
take care

Heidi said...

It was because of the story that I knew I HAD to make this patchwork flag for you. I was really touched by it. And it was fabric that I had bought to make a quilt for Fawn but never got to since she died. It just seemed so fitting for you. Happy 4th of July!!!

I am glad you told the news yourself. Many will be sending you prayers and positive healing thoughts and that has to count for a lot. I love you mother so you tell them at the hospital that they HAVE to take good care of you. I need my mommy still!!!

Love and hugs ~

Linda said...

Hi Nancy...I'm so sorry to hear you were diagnosed with breast cancer. Sounds like you have good doctors and I'm hoping you are able to do just the radiation too. Stay positive....I am a 7year b.c. survior and you will be in my thoughts as you go through this. Just a little thing, I've put my pink bracelet on and when I look at it I will send good thoughts your way.
Your flag is wonderful and being from your sweet Heidi it is even more of a treasure. I loved the bit of history and Palmara's story.....hugs and good thought are coming your way...Linda

Tam said...

Oh Nancy, I'm so sorry to hear your terrible news. My thoughts and prayers are being sent your way. I hope this will be the most simple and least invasive treatment for you.
The flag that Heidi made is beautiful and what a wonderful story behind it, thank you for sharing.
God Bless and Hugs2u

Amy Marie said...

Aunt Nancy, I'm thinking about you. I have been all week. Please let us know what we can do for you. I'm so close. We love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Nancy,
I just got back from Chicago yesterday and heard about you. I will keep you in my prayers and hopefully the radiation will take care of everything for you. Sounds like it was caught early and that is always good news.

Sonja said...

Love the flag! This flag is more beautiful than an ordinary flag!!
So sad to hear you are diagnosed with breast cancer. It must have taken you some courage to tell it on your blog. Thank you for sharing it with us. I wish you all the strenght you need to cope with this.Hope to talk to you again on Skype.

Susan in SC said...

Nancy- I am so sorry to read of this news. I do pray the lumpectomy goes well and you will do fine. Having had a lumpectomy before, I can tell you that it is not a bad surgery. Keep yourself surrounded with positive thoughts! You will continue to be in my prayers.


Joanne said...

Nancy, I love the flag quilt Heidi made and the story. I was so sorry to hear your medical news, and will keep you in my prayers. Joanne

hazel said...

Hi Nancy, I am so sorry to hear your medical news and sincerly hope everything will be okay, Love the story of the flag, Heidi is certainly a wonderful girl. You are in my thoughts keep us posted on what will be good news I am sure.
Love Hazel (UK)

p.s. Your photos are lovely and glad you had a good time. Keep smiling.

Carolien said...

Dear Nancy,

Heidi told me in her mail that you had breast cancer. I am sorry to react this late, but we had a sad time: André's mother passed away last week. Yesterday was the ceremony in the crematorium. It was an intense time the last months.
I hope they can help you very, very good and that you keep your spirits up! I think of you and pray for you.

Lots of love from us all,