Thursday, July 9, 2009


I am kitty sitting for Bill's cat, Oscar, while Bill is on vacation.He is very lonesome right now.
Every morning I go to feed him, and let me tell you he is one very big fat cat.
He is very spoiled and could miss a meal but needless to say, never has to. LOL. He is missing Bill very much and has almost another week to go.


Susan in SC said...

Poor Oscar! Tell him Bill will be home soon. He's a beautiful cat!!

Heidi said...

Ah! Poor little Oscar. Is Bully being mean to you and not staying home with you where he belongs??? Poor little guy. You need to be sure and tell him off the minute he comes home. If you need lessons, your cousin kitty Dagi is an expert. He tells us off even if we leave for an

Love, hugs and kitty kisses ~

Tam said...

What a pretty or should I say handsome cat. I'm sure Bill will get some "cattitude" when he arrives home. ;-)

BittersweetPunkin said...

I'm sure you are taking wonderful care of kitty. One of my cats is very very FAT too...makes that one look skinny

Linda said...

I love kitty cats...Oscar is most handsome. Bill ia going to have to give him plenty of cuddles when he gets home, until then I know he is be spoiled to pieces. hugs, Linda

Mandie said...

OHHHH MMMMYYYYYY GOOOSSSSHHHHH!!!!! Tell Bully he is feeding that cat wayyyy too much! WOW! I miss him! But I knwo bully has been very good to him :) I can not believe how HUGE he is! HA HA HA! Is he still grouchy as his name implies?

Love you!