Friday, July 31, 2009


On the day I came home from the hospital, my cousin brought this bouquet,
she grew the sunflowers herself. They were very cheerful and lasted a long
The roses are a gift from my sister, Ruth. They are still pretty. I have only had
to take three of them out of the vase. They neither one have a computer, but
I have thanked them.
I also want to say thanks to all who have sent very pretty cards. I also got a little
bear from Eric and Becky and will take a picture to post soon.
The doctor told me that he got all the cancer. He said he had three tries to get
all of the area around the tumor free and then took the lymph nodes. He said
he was having a problem getting them, and ended up getting six. Only one had
cancer. My next step is waiting for the oncologist to call me to set up an appt.
and then determine what the next step will be. The surgeon says I should be ok.


Judy said...

I'm so happy for you. Your flowers are beautiful

onlymehere said...

This is phenomenal news! I'm so happy that the outcome looks so good. I had wondered but knew that pathology took time to get back and didn't want to bug you. The flowers are beautiful. What great friends and family you have to take such good care of you and to do and give things to cheer you up! I'm doing a happy dance for you over here bz of your good news! Cindy

Tammy said...

I always want a picture of any bouquets that come my way, that way the "keep" forever.

Great sorry that you've had to go through all of that. My sister is a 5 year breast cancer survivor and has no lymph nodes under her left arm.

Praying the best for YOU!♥

Linda said...

All good news Nancy...I'm glad you are feeling good and are on the road to wellness. Pretty, pretty flowers...they are something that always lift my spirits..hugs, Linda

Tam said...

Fantastic news Nancy!!
Beautiful flowers for a special lady!

hazel said...

Wonderful news Nancy I know the power of prayer usually works.

Love your hats in the previous post.

Keep smiling,
Love Hazel (UK)

Carolien said...

Your news is a big relief to me, Nancy! I am so glad for you that they did their work o.k. ...
Have a nice weekend & hugs,


angelasweby said...

That's wonderful news from your doctor. They are miraculous people aren't they. It's such a weight off your mind. I hope the follow ups go well and you can put it all behind you.

Your flowers really are beautiful and bring such love and sweet unspoken messages with them. I love roses and have some from our garden in a vase at the moment. They smell so heavenly.
Warm hugs Angela

Amy Marie said...

Aunt Nancy, that is wonderful news that the surgeon got all of the cancer! We love you! And continue to think of you every day!

Heidi said...

I knew those were from Louise when I read you said she grew them. I also think Ruthie's roses were so pretty. And she would be happy to hear how long they have lasted.

Love and hugs ~

prape said...

Hi Nancy,
Glad you liked your flowers and hope you are feeling better. I've tried to call you a couple times. What are you doing - out running around already??
I'm at Patty's - spent the night last night.
Talk to you soon.
Love, Ruthie
ps: HI Aunt Nancy!! Love ya, PJ

Joanne said...

The roses are beautiful, but I really love those sunflowers!! I'm so happy the news from the surgeon is good and hope you're feeling better and stronger each day!!

Rhondi said...

Hi Nancy
That is good news!!!
Hugs, Rhondi