Monday, July 27, 2009


I lost the picture and had to put it back on. I showed her the bear and she liked the colors so I made this poncho. I am now working on two hats to match. I pulled it out twice, and now I am doing it a third time. I hope this one works. I did these before my surgery.
I find it much harder to make these items when they are a special order. I made the bear and poncho for one of my cousin's nieces. I started the second poncho, and turned it into the bear poncho first.
This set is for the littlest girl and it was pretty bright. I wanted her to see a small one for a bear to see if she would like the colors.


Tammy said...

Your bears look so soft and snuggly!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!☼

onlymehere said...

I agree that it's harder to do when it's special order. I sewed for people for awhile and it drove me nuts!! I guess that's why when the lady who did my machine embroidery on Savannah's Annie asked me to make some more for her to sell I said no. I'd rather just do it for enjoyment. Jill's quilt was a rough one on me too bz she picked the pattern and the fabric. From now on I think I'll just ask a color and do the rest on my own. Life will be easier that way. Hope you're on the mend and doing better today. Cindy

P.S. Thanks for sending Sweetie my way. I've missed her!

Tam said...

Your latest knitting is lovely Nancy.
Yes I agree special orders are definitely harder and I even find sometimes they take the "fun" out of the project.
Hope you are feeling well.

Linda said...

Hi Nancy...the latest set is sure cute...all your knitting looks so nice, your work is just beautiful.

Hope you are feeling better each your doctor said careful not to lift heavy things.....mine even said not to carry my purse on that side that was a hard habit to change and everyone once in a while I still do...hugs, Linda

Heidi said...

I think you are doing a great job. I know you think it is harder but they are turning out so cute. Did the hat work now?

Love and hugs ~

angelasweby said...

Oh Nancy,
Those little bears in ponchos make my heart melt. They look so cuddly. I can see why bears are so comforting for little children who are in need.
I'm sure that little girl you have knitted it for is just tickled with glee :>)
You are giving so many people a lot of pleasure with your knitting.
Warm hugs Angela