Saturday, January 31, 2009


The other day I showed you the Indian I want to stitch, but with all the snow, I didn't want to go out to get the thread. Well, now I am DMC ready.
Last night, I decided to put away the other WIP to start on the warrior. In this tiny spot, I have changed colors 13 times and guess what, I love doing this one. I have heard from some of you online that you don't like changing colors. Well, I am in for it and so far it's ok. For me, it is a matter of liking the pattern. I like the patterns to be printed in color and I like doing people. I have both here.

Now, since I did have the DMC colors for the Fawn, I did start it. Ok, I am not so( fawndddd) of doing animals. I found that out. I am putting it into the WIP file to be hopefully finished later. This is the first design I started and put aside. Not that I have made many now. Someday I will finish this, but not now. Hey, maybe I can get George to finish it, and then maybe not. LOL

Friday, January 30, 2009


Yesterday I told you Heidi had to go to the Hospital to see a specialist today. She found out that even though her thyroid is very enlarged, it is not cancer. She now has to wait for blood work to come in to decide her treatment. They seem to be leaning toward radiation therapy.
The first treatment is medicine, the second radiation, and the third surgery.
Thank you all for your concern.
God does answer prayers.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Since Heidi says she is only 4, surely she it way to young to be going on Friday morning to have more testing done on her thyroid. Please keep her in your prayers.
Actually, I thing she needs to add another 4 in front of the number but she doesn't think so. She has been waiting for an appointment with the hospital and they finally called her in for an "emergency appointment". Jos has been calling daily to get them to move and finally they called them with the time for her to come in.
Kristen, my Granddaughter, has had two surgerys and now does not have a thyroid at all. The first time she had it done she was only 14. She had the second half out in Texas a couple years ago. I was there for her surgery.

Mandie still lived in Canton when she had half of her thyroid removed. She is now into more testing to see what comes next. She is still having problems.

When I was growing up in my church, our minister always said he liked the Scofield Bible more than any other. I bought Eric one for his last birthday and now bought myself one also. I read the entire Bible when Kristy bought me one as a gift for Mother's Day, It was an NIV. I now am in the process of reading this one from cover to cover also. This one is NKJV. I read all the time, so this is one of my projects. I hope after the second time I find more that I missed.
Jeremiah 30:17 says
For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds, says the Lord
I pray this will be so for my daughter and both Granddaughters.

This is a 100th Anniversary Ediition.
Kristy's blog is and she is going to start a Bible study through her blog. If you are interested in joining, visit her blog.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I posted a picture of this book and I made a small project from it, and framed it last night. I can't show it, until I send the gift off and they received it. I bought this piece of 18 count aida cloth with hopes it will fit my next project. I had to ask Heidi if it would be big enough. I am not good at figuring these measurements out yet when I want to change the count. Here he is, my Indian Warrior. I hope I like doing this, because I really want to do the Maiden. I want to do this one first so then I will do the other one. That's my crazy reasoning.
Now, this is also in the book. It is a part of a sampler for a baby. Now, since I have a Zoe Fawn (named after her Gramma Fawn), I think she needs just the Fawn with her name on it. It will go fast since it is small.

Monday, January 26, 2009


This beautiful quilt block was sent to me from Saskia, who is in Heidi's quilt group, in Holland.
She did wonderful hand stitching on this Amish quilt block, and I really love it. Thank you so much Saskia.
She sent wonderful, and I do mean yummy good, little dutch cookies covered with chocolate, light, dark and white. I am already eating them.
Also included in the box are the chocolates you see in the other package. I didn't open them yet, but, I know I will soon. I put some of the cookies in a dish to show them better. I cannot thank you enough Saskia.

This little hand made flower is a gift from one of our online stitching group. It is beautifully made. It came all the way from France. Thank you Francoise.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


This McDonald's is near my cousin's. I haven't seen these old style arches in just ages.
Betty, Louise's sister in law made this great pie for us. It is pineapple cream and oh so good.This is a shirt I bought for George. It is black and white until you go out into the sun.

Since it is only 10 degrees here, I only held it out the door for a couple minutes, but you can get the idea. It gets brilliant color when you go into the sun wearing it. Magical.

Friday, January 23, 2009


I usually don't put an entry on this fast after the one I just did, but I am going to Pennsylvania tomorrow morning. It is just for the day, and a special occasion. My only Aunt left in my Mom's family, is going to have a birthday party. She is going to be 100. She was told there is going to be a party but not as big as this one will be. My cousin told me there will be about 125 coming. This is not even going past my generation. She has many Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. Happy Birthday Aunt Elizabeth. The party will be in Irwin, Pennsylvania. My Sister, my two cousins and George and I will be going early in the morning, then home after the party. I found this picture of the downtown street of Irwin on Google. It is a very small town. I have many very fond memories of visiting family in this little town.Louise,my cousin and I used to run down to the 5 and 10 cent store to buy paperdolls on every visit. We were given a quarter and bought our paperdoll books and had money left for candy. Now those were the good old days.

I hope you will all visit my Granddaughter Mandie's blog,
She has some fun pictures of an unexpected snow in North Carolina. We used to live in Goldsboro and the most snow we got was about 1/2 inch. Her mom was born there. Hope Zoe got to go out and play in the snow.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Today, on Robins blog, Bittersweet Punkin, she said you should go to where you store your pictures and go to the sixth set of pictures and then pick the sixth picture. You then tell about the picture.
This is the one that came up for me. Bill was starting to knit a sweater. Long ago, I posted the picture of him wearing the finished sweater, which came out really nice. This is a fun thing to do, hope you all try it. Thanks Robin.

This is an award I received from Linda: Somewhere in Time

These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbon's of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these kind writers. When you pass the award along please include these guidelines. I am picking 5 friends to share this with.

Thank you Linda. I will pass it now to Heidi, Sweetie, Carolien, Barbara, Saskia, All of my blogging friends deserve this award.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This is taken from the plane on the approach to Tampa airport
This year our approach was not nearly as pretty a view, but I took it anyway.

We decided to visit Tarpon Springs. Heidi will remember this well, we all went there after she and Jos got married. It was a fun day.

These are some of the spronges. The boats go out everyday for sponge fishing. This is what the village is noted for.

This picture is taken at John's Pass. I think the pelicans are so cute.

I think most of you know by now, my favorite boat is a tug. This was a work tug. My cousin said "of all the beautiful boats around here, you take a tug picture. Well, there is another kind in the bottom of the picture, and across the bay.
This is where we took the pictures I posted with the Forest Gump shoes.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Sweetie, from the blog Sweeties World you can click on from my list, and I have become good friends.
When she had a giveaway a while back, Heidi mentioned she loved the Skates she was giving away. Sweetie bought both Heidi and me a skate. They are so cute and we both thank you.
Not only did I receive the skate, but a wonderful little angel ornament and a bar of wonderful smelling soap (which I will never use). I love it.

The soap is made of goats milk and too cute to use. I will be putting it on an easel to display.

The angel ornament is just darling and I am planning to attach it to a picture frame so I can keep it out all year.
This is a close up of one of the skates. Heidi said we can't skate unless we are together, because she will have the left one and I will have the right. Thank you with all my heart Sweetie.

I bought this book today at Joanne Fabrics and I have a project in mind that I cannot say anything about right now. I will let you know later.

This is the project I was working on a while back for Mandie's birthday. It is a case to hold her knitting needles. I made them for myself and my sister a long time ago. When Kristy started to knit, I made one for her, and then a year ago Christmas, I made Haali one. I thought I had made one for Mandie until she said she didn't have one. She does now. Her birthday was Jan. 14th.
Since I failed to turn this picture, the needles are falling out, LOL. It should be turned completely around.

This flap goes over the needles and then the case ties.
I want to tell Linda, I did see the award and will pick it up later. Thanks for thinking of me.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


We visited John's Bay and found these Forest Gump Shoes, his suitcase and box of chocolates.
This is me trying his shoes.
Now my Sister Ruth tried them on

Last but not least, my cousing Louise. They have a gift shop all about Forest Gump. More about Florida later. I came home to 11 degrees. AHHHHHH. While I was away, some gifts arrived in the mail. I will take pictures and post them soon but until I do, thanks to Sweetie and Margaret. I love everything.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Early Thursday morning, my sister and I will be going to my cousin's in Florida. She lives in St. Petersburg. We are flying into Tampa. She doesn't have internet, so I will not be taking my computer. I will be in touch when I get back.

This is the Cross Stitch I have been working on. I am on the border now and it wil be finished. I have ties to the flag pole and the windows to finish too. Oh, i missed a leaf also. Oh well, it is coming right along.

This is one of the things I made right after Christmas. The other things I am working on I cannot show right now, they are gifts. This is a padded sleeve for my little 8 inch. computer. The fabric was given to me in Holland. I love it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Yesterday, we went to Berlin, Ohio (Amish Country) and I found a new store there. The couple who own it were outside hanging quilted bags up. Well, needless to say, I had to check them out. I ended up going inside and boy, they have some wonderful items and it is a great gift store. I just HAD to buy myself this mini backpack. I used to carry them all the time and haven't lately. These bags are less than half the price of Vera Bradley.

I loved this pattern sooooo much, that I decided this one had to be my cousin's birthday gift. I am still working on my cross stitch and will be finished before I go, but it might end up staying here. I will still take the yarn and make dishclothes while I am at her house, and also the other cross stitch I want to start. Hope she likes her purse, I know her taste very well, but it is really never so easy to pick someone else a purse.

Friday, January 2, 2009


I went to Joann Fabrics to buy the DMC I needed to complete the designs Heidi gave me for Christmas.
I started this one yesterday and I want to finish it and get it framed for my cousin. Her birthday is Jan. 5th. She is the one we are going to visit in Florida.

I bought some 14 count aida for the other one. I want it to come out a little bigger and put it on one cloth, like a sampler. I will take this with me to do.

I am going to knit some dishcloths for Louise also.