Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This is taken from the plane on the approach to Tampa airport
This year our approach was not nearly as pretty a view, but I took it anyway.

We decided to visit Tarpon Springs. Heidi will remember this well, we all went there after she and Jos got married. It was a fun day.

These are some of the spronges. The boats go out everyday for sponge fishing. This is what the village is noted for.

This picture is taken at John's Pass. I think the pelicans are so cute.

I think most of you know by now, my favorite boat is a tug. This was a work tug. My cousin said "of all the beautiful boats around here, you take a tug picture. Well, there is another kind in the bottom of the picture, and across the bay.
This is where we took the pictures I posted with the Forest Gump shoes.


Linda said...

Nancy, that is such a neat shot from the window. I've never been to Florida and it looks wonderful.....I know we would be spending lots of time near the harbour. Hubby and I are boat watchers and there is always something going on. The weather looks great! Hugs, Linda

Rhondi said...

Hi Nancy
I hope looking at those photos of Florida helps when it is cold and snowy outside.
Hugs, Rhondi

Heidi said...

Yes I do remember it well. In fact, I still have the sponges I bought and they are getting! That was 22 years ago this coming April. My goodness...where does time go?

Love and hugs ~

onlymehere said...

I've never been here and I really liked the tour. I'm glad you can be down where it's warm! I looks like so much fun. I didn't know that you liked tugs either so this is something new I learned about you!

Sweetie said...

Nancy - what great pictures. When I visit my friend in Florida, I will fly into the Tampa Airport. Tarpon Springs is great. I didn't realize that boats went out for sponge fishing. I guess that I just didn't give it much thought. I enjoyed the tug picture too. Great post.

Hi, I'm Barbara from Missouri and.... said...

Nancy, thanks for sharing your photo's. I've never been to Florida so these were fun to look at.


Carolien said...

Hello dear Nancy,

As you already knew I was spoiled to the maximum today by Heidi. The high tea was perfect! We missed you for the apple pie part, next time you will have to come over for that (LOL) and many days more ...
Take care & I think of you and Heidi in those days!!!

Hugs, Carolien