Sunday, January 25, 2009


This McDonald's is near my cousin's. I haven't seen these old style arches in just ages.
Betty, Louise's sister in law made this great pie for us. It is pineapple cream and oh so good.This is a shirt I bought for George. It is black and white until you go out into the sun.

Since it is only 10 degrees here, I only held it out the door for a couple minutes, but you can get the idea. It gets brilliant color when you go into the sun wearing it. Magical.


Sonja said...

I really love the magic of that T-shirt! And did you go to Pennsylvania by car? I looked it up in Google's a long 4.5 our trip... You are travelling a lot lately! Busy ladie. But I do understand it, because it is a good thing to see your family every now and than.

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy, I can understand you do miss that weather, I would too! That shirt is really magical!!! I have never seen anything like this ... a nice present for George!

Have a nice evening & hugs, Carolien

Brigitte said...

Nancy, you shouldn't have shown a picture of the pineapple cream pie, it just makes my mouth water. And I can understand that you miss the higher temperatures you were enjoying in Florida.
Thanks for sharing all those pictures, I love to travel around the world through pictures.

angelasweby said...

I'm not surprised you are missing Florida's weather, those blue skies remind me of that wonderful to have blue skiessssss from now onnnn! Can you hear me warbling :>)
That pie looks just yummy.
Thanks for sharing your enjoyment with us :>)
Hugs, Angela

Susan in SC said...

What a neat shirt! The pie looks so yummy!!

Heidi said...

Wow! That is like the old McDonald's they destroyed in Canton. Why do they do that? Old is good! I really could not picture the Tshirt when you told me about it. Neat! That pie sure looks yummy! How long before Louise comes back up to Ohio now?

Love and hugs ~

Kristen said...

Yep, I see why you miss it! :) The pie looks WONDERFUL!! Glad you had a good time! Check out my blog! :)

Linda said...

Nancy, the pie looks so delicious....pie is my favorite sweet.
The shirt for George is so cool....I wonder how it changes like that...hugs, Linda

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

OK the pie looks just mouth watering and I do love the older Golden Arches. We have an older McDonald near our place in Florida.