Friday, January 30, 2009


Yesterday I told you Heidi had to go to the Hospital to see a specialist today. She found out that even though her thyroid is very enlarged, it is not cancer. She now has to wait for blood work to come in to decide her treatment. They seem to be leaning toward radiation therapy.
The first treatment is medicine, the second radiation, and the third surgery.
Thank you all for your concern.
God does answer prayers.


onlymehere said...

I'm hypothyroid with a very enlarged thyroid too so I understand your worries. I'm so glad that everything is fine and they can just treat with medication for now.

Linda said...

Nancy, that is such good news, I know how relieved you all must be, and being treatable is great. The power of prayer is amazing.
I have a small print of
(The Angelus) your drawing. I love the church steeple in the background.
Sending hugs and blessings to you. Linda

Carolien said...

Oh I am so glad to read this Nancy!!! Big sigh ... I had a candle burning today.

HAve a nice weekend & big hug,

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear Heidi got good news. I also included her in my prayers yesterday.

Beatrice said...

I'm pleased to here that things are fine. 2 years ago I had a Possibly Cancerous thyroid removed. So now its medication and things are Great.
Give her my Love!!!

Sweetie said...

Nancy - I am so glad that there is no cancer and that Heidi's condition can be treated. I truly believe in the power of prayer as I know you do too. I will continue to keep Heidi in my prayers.

Lilysmom said...

Aunt Nancy, good news for Heidi that it is not cancer like Mandie & Kristy. I hope that the treatment goes well for her and solves the problem.

Mary said...

Nancy dear - I just read Heidi's post and am thankful it's not a cancerous growth. I will keep her in my prayers knowing she will require some type of treatment and hopefully that will be a way to return her to good health. My prayers are also with you because I know how hard it is for a parent to see their child suffering.

I'm also having a throat problem and started the nasty medical procedures this week to find out the cause. Never a dull moment!

Anyway dear, remain positive in thought, we gals are strong and will do all that's necessary to stay well - after all, still places to go and people to see, right?

You, and Heidi, are close to my heart right now.
Hugs - Mary.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nancy

I'm glad for you too that Heidi became such good news. She has still a way to go but she will manage it.
Everything ok here, lot of work to do!
Succes with your Indian man.
Hugs, Elly

Solstitches said...

I'm relieved to hear the update on Heidi. These must have been very anxious times for all of you.

barbi said...

I will keep Heidi in my prayers, I didn't know she was dealing with this!! I am so glad the specialist gave her good news!! WHEW!! What a scare, huh?? No one actually realizes how thyroid problems can affect someone!! Both your granddaughters and now you daughter, they say it is definitely hereditary. I know they killed mine with one radioactive pill, I was glowing for a few days!! Ha, Ha!! HEIDI, if you read this, please know I am thinking about you!! Love, Barbi

Anonymous said...