Sunday, May 30, 2010


We have a very military family background. On this Memorial Day, I hope everyone in America will take the time to pray for a member of our Armed Forces serving at home and abroad. Say thank you if you see a person in uniform anywhere.
This is my Dad who served in World War One and started it all for me. He was very special and I loved him bunches.
This is Bill, my kid's Dad who served in the Marines and Air Force for a total of 23 years. We were all proud of him and lost him to cancer in 1992.
Bill served in the Navy. He joined right out of High School.
Eric was a Navy Corpsman. The guys on the ship called him Doc and he still has that nickname to his friends.
This is not a current picture, since Mitch is now a Captain in the Army. He served in Iraq and is now at Ft Drum, NY. He is going to his next duty station soon to be an instructor. I am so proud of you Mitch and thank you for serving right now.
Now you can see why I am Proud of my Family.
I just want to say to also know that the families of the men and women also need our prayers. Having been a military wife, and now Kristen is, the family has to hold the fort for the deployed military member.

Friday, May 28, 2010


We were late celebrating Eric's birthday, since he was on the road. Here he is, holding his stash from me.
This picture was taken in Seattle by my Granddaughter, Kristen. She has
Hale Photography. She can put any verse you want on her pictures. I wanted it to be the very first book of the Bible for Eric. Eric was in the Navy, so it also suited him. He loves it.
I wanted Kristy to be able to see how I framed it. I carried it home on the train unframed.
This photographer, ME, didn't do a very good job on this picture, but this is Bill's new bike. Ride safe Bill and have fun.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Since Heidi and Jos bought a new house, she requested that I stitch this for a housewarming gift. It is Jane Austen's house. It is a free pattern she found on a blog. The blog is Gazette 94, which you can click on from my side bar if you are interested. After stitching my Warrior, this is a super easy thing to do.
I asked Heidi if she wanted to follow my progress and she said since it is not a Christmas present, yes she did. Here it is so far.
Yesterday, I went to Walmart, and of course, I hadddddd to check out the books. Look what I found. One of my favorite authors. There is also another Debbie Macomber I am going to buy next. Can not resist.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Tomorrow, May 23rd, is my youngest Son's birthday. He is out on the road in his semi, and his gift is waiting here in my living room. No birthday cake for him right now. He is in Texas.
This was from a past post, when we tried to build a snowman. It was a hershey kiss snowman. LOL
Eric likes to cook, and here he was helping me in the kitchen with the turkey. Love you Eric and hope your birthday is good. Of course, I can still remember the day you were born, with your Dad in Viet Nam at the time.
Eric and his wife, Becky, are also on my sideboard.
Eric and Bill are both Navy Vets too, so Happy Memorial Day to both of you.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Most of you know, this warrior went into hiding for the year I was making all the ponchos and scarves and hats for the craft show. Well, at last, he is in his frame and ready to go to Bill's apartment to live now.
I found the frame at Joann Fabrics, and yes Heidi, I know, if I would have left the glass out, there would not be a glare. Oh well, I left it in. I just pressed it this morning and thought I was finished and no, I found more backstitching to do. I am going to miss him now but after a couple other projects, I will do the Squaw. The mat is green and the frame is black. It doesn't show too well.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


First let me say, my pictures are blurry. I just have not mastered my new camera. It is a very dark, cold, rainy day in Ohio and it would be a perfect day to read. I am sitting here with a blanket over me. This book is the only one of this group I have not read yet.
I used to read Amanda Quick all the time, but haven't in awhile. She is also Jayne Ann Krentz.
I have read books one two and three now of this series, and cannot wait for four to come out.
This is one of my favorites, J.D. Robb she is also Nora Roberts. Love her books.
In addition to finishing this one, I also read Summer on Blossom Street. Wonderful books. I am going to look for Hannahs List next.
Now, am I reading, NO. I am doing the back stitching and feathers on my
Warrior. Today I am going to look for the mats and frame. I said I was
going to start the squaw, well, now I have other patterns waiting for me also. Thanks Heidi, or maybe not.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


These four are my reason for being happy on Mother's Day, and everyday.
Bill, Fawn, Heidi and Eric. You can see them as they are now on my sidebar. Of course, I now add a Son-in Law, Jos, a Daughter-in-Law, Becky and my wonderful Granddaughters and their families. I am so glad for everyone of you. You make my life so very happy to be sure. I love you all.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


This might seem like a strange picture to take, but when I was little, my Gramma lived part of the year with us, and she had a wheel chair just like the middle one. It brought back many memories.
This was a little doll or baby quilt in a case.
Wouldn't it be fun to ride in this beautiful sled in the winter?
Mail would have really been slow delivered in this wagon. LOL
Okay Jos, this is for you, a coffee grinder. My son- in- law loves his coffee.
There were several carriages to see. I took more, but it was taking too long to download them.
Hope you enjoy walking through the museum with me.