Sunday, May 2, 2010


This might seem like a strange picture to take, but when I was little, my Gramma lived part of the year with us, and she had a wheel chair just like the middle one. It brought back many memories.
This was a little doll or baby quilt in a case.
Wouldn't it be fun to ride in this beautiful sled in the winter?
Mail would have really been slow delivered in this wagon. LOL
Okay Jos, this is for you, a coffee grinder. My son- in- law loves his coffee.
There were several carriages to see. I took more, but it was taking too long to download them.
Hope you enjoy walking through the museum with me.


Heidi said...

I wish I lived in the time when the mail was slow and life was tough but good. I can see myself riding in a carriage like the middle one which reminds me of Miss Beadles' in Little House on the Prairie. :-) And Jos could grind his coffee each day by hand....

Love and hugs ~

onlymehere said...

I think my mail is being delivered by that carriage! Trav sent his memory card and a letter on Monday morning and here it is SUNDAY and it still hasn't arrived! Just bz it's the memory card it's doing this. I sure hope it comes before his email comes Monday bz he always asks how I liked the pictures or if I have any questions about them. I don't want him to worry that it isn't here! The sled is beautiful too but I sure do like my heater in the car in the winter, lol! Have a great weekend!

Saskia said...

The wheelchairs looks like rocking chairs, bet the where comfortable.
Maybe it's just the problem of the new era, everything has to be fast, done yesterday. We don't have to go back to those day's with the carriages, just slow down a bit.. and enjoy live.

Sonja said...

Yes , it looks like a romantic time. But I prefer this time, with the speed of email and Skype! And with needle and thread I take my time to be 'old fashion'.
Seems you had a nice day, going back in time!

Linda said...

I loved seeing all the old timey things. I'd love to ride in the sleigh at Christmas time,with jingle it's only May and I'm already dreaming of a "White Christmas"...hugs, Linda

angelasweby said...

Nancy what lovely pictures. These old carriages are so pretty but I bet they were really uncomfortable to travel around in except maybe for that really lovely elegant wheelchair. What a comparision to the serviceable but quite plain and dark wheelchairs of today. One thing my MIL always used to complain about was the leather seat making her legs sweaty on summer outings. There would be no fear of that in this lovely airy rattan chair.
Thanks for sharing your visit with us :>)
Angela xx

Mary said...

What an intresting place to visit - those were definitely the good times, slow and no cell phones!!!!!

Hope you're well dear Nancy.
Hugs - Mary

Carolien said...

What a great museum, thanks for sharing these pictures! Would love to sit in that sled too, and also in the carriages ... :)

Bye & hugs, Carolien