Tuesday, May 11, 2010


First let me say, my pictures are blurry. I just have not mastered my new camera. It is a very dark, cold, rainy day in Ohio and it would be a perfect day to read. I am sitting here with a blanket over me. This book is the only one of this group I have not read yet.
I used to read Amanda Quick all the time, but haven't in awhile. She is also Jayne Ann Krentz.
I have read books one two and three now of this series, and cannot wait for four to come out.
This is one of my favorites, J.D. Robb she is also Nora Roberts. Love her books.
In addition to finishing this one, I also read Summer on Blossom Street. Wonderful books. I am going to look for Hannahs List next.
Now, am I reading, NO. I am doing the back stitching and feathers on my
Warrior. Today I am going to look for the mats and frame. I said I was
going to start the squaw, well, now I have other patterns waiting for me also. Thanks Heidi, or maybe not.


Linda said...

Stitching or reading on a rainy day sounds perfect. Your warrior is wonderful, I bet you are very happy to be nearly finished. Looking forward to seeing him framed.

I have the first book in the Nora Roberts series...haven't read it yet, I think I'd better get busy since the 4th one is
out....enjoy your day, Linda

Carolien said...

Happy reading and stitching, Nancy!

Hugs, Carolien

Shari said...

Hi Aunt Nancy,
I have Hannah's List if you want it when I'm done. Just started it last week.

Grace said...

Hi Andrea I wanted to let you know we won Nichole's blog contest for the lace stitching book I am so glad you entered, I really wanted that book

I also read the same people you have in the post, I only read at breakfast, sometimes very late at night, because I need to knit too!!

Sonja said...

How can you find the time for reading so many books and keeping your warrior satisfied and keeping your farm up to date!! LOL.

Beatrice said...

Enjoy your books. They seem to be thee same thing I like to read!I'm back up and running on google reader and blogging. It seems to be working now...not sure why. Maybe the change!

Heidi said...

I only think DM is up my street. I know it is hard to delegate time to do all the reading and crafts. Keep stitching though...

Love and hugs ~