Saturday, May 8, 2010


These four are my reason for being happy on Mother's Day, and everyday.
Bill, Fawn, Heidi and Eric. You can see them as they are now on my sidebar. Of course, I now add a Son-in Law, Jos, a Daughter-in-Law, Becky and my wonderful Granddaughters and their families. I am so glad for everyone of you. You make my life so very happy to be sure. I love you all.


Heidi said...

Well, you know that I feel very strongly about Mother's Day should be every day of the year. It should not be one day that people tell their mother they care. I turned against it hearing how often people complain and say they HAD to visit their mother on that day and fulfilled their obligation. To me, every day is a day to tell you I love you and I do!

Love and hugs ~

P.S. ~ Not only am I the right age...I am STILL that!

Saskia said...

I love the photo, so sweet!
And I agree with Heidi.
There's no need to have a special day for mother's and father's, just to remind 'children' to care about there parents. Every day and any day is perfect to let them know you care!
But I hope you have a wonderful mother's day tomorrow!


ps. Heidi, your still as sweet as in the photo... and still just a little girl (lol)

Sonja said...

Wishing you a happy mothersday! And I do like this day, itbrings back good memorys!

Linda said...

Happy Mother's Day Nancy.

You are blessed with a loving family...have a lovely Sunday..hugs, Linda

onlymehere said...

Good old Olan Mills! What a wonderful family you have. I looked at the side bar and it was fun to see them little and then all grown up. Sometimes I wish we could just stop time, just for a moment to enjoy them little a little while longer. :)

I hope you have a good Mother's Day.

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

Happy Mother's Day! And what a lovely picture of your children!

Bye & hugs, Carolien

Ann said...

Happy Mother's Day to you and a lovely photo that is. I think, as Heidi mentioned, the reason that some complain and see it as an obligation to visit mothers and mothers in law is that unfortunately, some of the mothers are crabby, critical people who complain and are not very nice to be around. It's kind of sad. Know you're not that way though Nancy! Have a happy one.

prape said...

Happy Mother's Day, Aunt Nancy!

Love the picture of my little cousins! Seems like that was just yesterday!
Love, PJ