Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Since Heidi and Jos bought a new house, she requested that I stitch this for a housewarming gift. It is Jane Austen's house. It is a free pattern she found on a blog. The blog is Gazette 94, which you can click on from my side bar if you are interested. After stitching my Warrior, this is a super easy thing to do.
I asked Heidi if she wanted to follow my progress and she said since it is not a Christmas present, yes she did. Here it is so far.
Yesterday, I went to Walmart, and of course, I hadddddd to check out the books. Look what I found. One of my favorite authors. There is also another Debbie Macomber I am going to buy next. Can not resist.


Heidi said...

Looking good! It will hang nicely in my new house. Thank you little mother! How did you print that out all on one page? It was a chart in two parts. Since it is International Pickle Week according to Angela, I can get this early for that right??? :-) No reading for you right

Love and hugs ~

onlymehere said...

Oh, how I wish I could join you in reading and doing cross-stitch. Your beautiful projects sorely tempt me to start a project again but darn these eyes, lol! You're making good progress and Heidi will be so thrilled to get it. Enjoy the book too!

Saskia said...

That is a very pretty house! Just as pretty as the new house of Heidi and Jos. And it will be a special remembrance of a new start in a new house.
And I'm a little bit jealous because there are a lot of books of Nora Roberts and her pseudo in English, and not in Dutch.
i can read English books, but i'm faster in Dutch.

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

Heidi is a lucky girl having her mother making her a second house :) It's a very nice pattern and so very Heidi!!!
Happy stitching and reading in your newest 'catch'.

Hugs & love, Carolien

Linda said...

Love this stitch, it's going to be a sweet house warming gift.

Your new book looks good. I'm reading NR Vision In White...and liking it. hugs, Linda

Andi said...

Neat! Thanks for sharing.

angelasweby said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. I saw the pattern recently and toyed with the idea of doing it but it won't be for a while that's for sure. You are making wonderful progress on it.
It will make a lovely housewarming present.
Angela xx

Sonja said...

That is perfect for Miss Pickles! A perfect thing for their new home!

Brigitte said...

Oh Nancy, this is the perfect housewarming gift for Heidi.