Thursday, April 28, 2011


It might look lonely, but to me it is another sign of Spring. Last night we had high winds and you could even see grass blowing. Never noticed that before. Garbage cans were blowing down the street. Bill's was only at the end of the driveway. I captured it this morning. This is my beautiful Bradford Pear tree that my cousin and I planted a couple years ago. I am going to search my blog to see if I have a picture of it back then. I cannot believe how much it has grown. It was about my height when we planted it. All the rain is good for the grass and trees. We have had a record rain fall for April for Ohio.
The plant Eric and Becky bought for me is now blooming. Becky wanted it to bloom for Easter but it is so pretty now. A second flower is also coming out.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Even though much of my family is scattered over the world, we try to enjoy holidays together. On Sat. Eric came over and helped me color the eggs. I made little dish baskets for each of us for table favors. Eric and Becky brought me a Lily plant.
This a close up of the goodies. I bought plastic dishes with the lids sitting under, so they could reuse them. None of us need baskets anymore. I still try to keep the holidays fun.
We had a good dinner and were together all afternoon just playing on laptops and enjoying each other. We do miss everyone else though.

Friday, April 22, 2011


I wish all of you a blessed and Happy Easter. Our weather is rainy and cold, but maybe someday Spring really will come to Ohio.
I am cooking dinner for Bill, Eric and Becky and George and me. I will color eggs, because for me, it isn't Easter without them.
Whatever you do, hope it is a great day for you.

Monday, April 11, 2011


In 1995, when Fawn died, Heidi and Jos brought bulbs over from Holland. They, with Bill and Eric planted them in our yard. Every year they come up and I do not do a thing to them. This is one of them.
This is another one. I cut a flower from this one, and two from the Daffy's, and brought them in to put in a vase. They smell so good. Every year it reminds me of Fawn and her brothers and sister. This is my latest book. I just read a couple Fern Micheal's also. Some of hers I like better than others. I am trying to get through one now that I am not crazy about. This one is three stories and I finished the first one. Debbie Macomber cannot be beat.
This is my latest knitting project. I won't talk about it now, but I bet you can guess what it is. Something tiny and soft. Hope you have spring where you are too. It is going to go into the 70's here today but back to the 50's tomorrow. At least now we have hope.