Sunday, April 24, 2011


Even though much of my family is scattered over the world, we try to enjoy holidays together. On Sat. Eric came over and helped me color the eggs. I made little dish baskets for each of us for table favors. Eric and Becky brought me a Lily plant.
This a close up of the goodies. I bought plastic dishes with the lids sitting under, so they could reuse them. None of us need baskets anymore. I still try to keep the holidays fun.
We had a good dinner and were together all afternoon just playing on laptops and enjoying each other. We do miss everyone else though.


Carolien said...

How sweet you made those lovely presents!

Enjoy your day & hugs to all,

Heidi said...

IF I had been there...I would have stole all the Reese's eggs and given them my other candy. :-)

Glad you all had a nice Easter!

Love and hugs,

Saskia said...

Nice easter "goodiebag"!
It reminds me of the time I made crochet nets and filled them with chocolate eggs. I hanged them on the chairs.
Good memories!