Monday, August 31, 2009


On a yarn run today to Walmart, I found this book and of course, I had to bring it home with me. It is in line to be read now, I thought it was only out in hardback. This is a new author for me. My niece brought it over for me to read and see if I like the author. Yes, I sure do, she writes a lot like Debbie Macomber. Brenda said this is actually the third in a series, but she didn't realize it when she decided to try the book. She says she is buying the other two also.
I really like Lynn Kurland books. I have read many and I took them to Heidi. This is the one Brenda bought for me when I had surgery. It is really good. I read it right away.
I went to Walmart today to buy yarn to finish fringe on my latest adult poncho, and to get pink for a special order poncho for a Granddaughter of another niece.
I am fitting books in between knitting and it isn't easy. I am about to start the Luann Rice book I showed on another entry.
Our county fair is starting tomorrow. I am going tomorrow evening to watch the high school bands perform with my cousin Louise, and then Wed. to watch one of her horses race.
On Thursday I have to get a bone scan, so I will miss her second horse racing that day. I am feeling fine, and thanks again for all the caring and thoughts. I really appreciate all of you.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Knitter's philosophy!

Hi everyone! It is me, Heidi. I broke in to my mother's blog with her permission to add a cute poem I found online. It just so fits her situation right now. And it is accompanied by a pretty print of The Knitter by Laura Wilder.

"Don't listen to trouble, don't give way to fears,
Purl away your problems, knit away your tears.
Visit a local yarn store, for it's therapy if your sick,
Why pay shrinks and doctors when more yarn will do the trick?"

~ from Jean Moss'Knitter's Song

Friday, August 21, 2009


Eric and Becky gave me this little bear (on the left) when I was going in for my surgery. Before they went back out on the road in the truck, they gave me this picture. I didn't hang it yet, just put it in the holder so I can look at it and decide where I will hang it. Thank you both for the nice gifts.
While Becky was here, she thought I should do some pink bears. This is just one of them.
These are a couple books I am going to read. I don't read as much, since I am busy with my knitting.
I went to the oncologist today and so far no decision is made for treatment. Today she did a blood test and chest exray. I am set for a bone scan on Sept. 3rd. She said they don't automatically do chemo anymore. The test will determine if it is necessary. I'm happy to hear they don't just say oh well, we will do it anyway. I really liked the doctor and that helps.
I want to thank all of you for thinking of me and saying prayers. I am sure they will be helping. It is nice to know friends are out there. Bloggers are very special people.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


It is so hard to believe a year has gone by and my little Zoe Princess is 7 today. This was her last year cake. Hope she has a cute one this year too. She is going into the second grade this year. Oh myyyyyyyyyy.
She loves the Disney Princesses and I have always called her my little Princess.
This was last Halloween.
I hope you have a wonderful day Little Miss. I love you and miss you very much.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am back home and ready to get the other ten bears ready for the craft show in October.
I decided to put them together to take a picture. I am making an adult poncho now and
have half of a smaller one done. I will do the rest of the bears after that and then what
I get done is where it will stay. I sent the application today for the table and the space I
request. Bill gave me the idea to show these bears in a pencil christmas tree, and that was
a very good idea. If they don't all fit, I will keep adding them as they do.
My appt. with the oncologist is August 21st, so now I am biding my time. On Sunday,
George and I will be going to the Inn at Lock 7 in Canada, until Weds.
They now do have internet service.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Tomorrow morning at 5:20AM, I should be pulling out of the Amtrak station in Cleveland.
I am going to Syracuse, where Kristy will meet me. I am getting away from it all. I love visiting with them so looking forward to it.
My doctor called today, and said I will need chemo, which I am not happy about at all. On the 21st, I will be meeting with the doctor who will give me the details of the treatment.
I am taking my laptop, so I will be talking to Heidi on Skype, and still checking my blog and emails. I did not book a return trip yet.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


The festival has balloon launch four times each year, weather permitting. They have about 70 balloons. I have taken pictures of a few. Army had to be one of them of course. Sorry, the next one is sideways. Oh well. We left the area we were watching the launch from and came home and they were right over our house. The houses below are our neighbors.
They do several shapes, so I took the piggy one.