Monday, August 17, 2009


Since I love tug boats, I took this picture this morning. It is so hot and sunny on the balcony, I wasn't sure I even got the picture. I will take more when I can see later in the day. I am on Skype with Heidi right now also.
Thanks Heidi, for the witches and the new border.


Judy said...

What a great picture.

Linda said...

Nancy...what a neat picture. I'm glad you are having lots of action and seeing some big vessels.

I love your new background and your little witch. Heidi is such a sweet daughter helps me too. We have two special girls...hugs, Linda

Tam said...

Great picture Nancy!
Love the new blog layout and the witch too! Good job Heidi!

Brigitte said...

I hope you are having a great time watching all those tug boats from your balcony.

Sonja said...

That is quite a few you have from your balcony! I can imagine you sitting on your balcony: knitting, a cup of coffee and watching boats go by.

Heidi said...

You are welcome! :-)

Love and hugs ~

Mary said...

Looks like a fun time and nice weather - perhaps we need to call you 'Tug boat Nancy' LOL!!

Like your Fall layout - pumpkin time is just around the corner.

Nancy, good luck for your upcoming appointment - I think perhaps it's this Friday. My love and prayers will be with you.