Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am back home and ready to get the other ten bears ready for the craft show in October.
I decided to put them together to take a picture. I am making an adult poncho now and
have half of a smaller one done. I will do the rest of the bears after that and then what
I get done is where it will stay. I sent the application today for the table and the space I
request. Bill gave me the idea to show these bears in a pencil christmas tree, and that was
a very good idea. If they don't all fit, I will keep adding them as they do.
My appt. with the oncologist is August 21st, so now I am biding my time. On Sunday,
George and I will be going to the Inn at Lock 7 in Canada, until Weds.
They now do have internet service.


Saskia said...

The bears look so good! They will be sold at the craftmarket in seconds.
Take care, and you are in my thoughts.

Heidi said...

The bears are all awaiting adoption by some sweet little children. You need a sign 'Adopt a bear!' They are going to look so cute in the tree.

We finally booked a place to stay for 2 nights. We are staying in Holland though. Germany is just impossible now. Just as well as I am still not well and this will be easier. It looks like a nice place too. Silvia told me about it when she literally wondered into the village while hiking.

Love and hugs ~

Linda said...

Welcome back...I hope you had a good time...

Oh these little bears are so cute..they are going to make lots of little ones very happy.

Your next get-away will be fun...I hope you see lots of ships....hugs, Linda

Judy said...

Darling bears!! I went to an estate sale last weekend and they had a closet full of bears. I could not believe it.

onlymehere said...

I really hope that this craft fair does well for you. The bears are adorable all together and look like a nice little family or group of friends! Good luck at the oncologist's and I hope you enjoy your time away with George. Still keeping you in my prayers and hope that this all goes well for you. Cindy

Hi, I'm Barbara from Missouri and.... said...

Hi Nancy,

The bears are so cute. They will look really cute in a tree (don't tell George he had a good idea though!). My thoughts and prayers are with you, dear friend.


Tam said...

The bears are just adorable and what a great idea for display!
Have a great trip Nancy!

Sonja said...

Are you going by car to Canada? At first I could not believe you were really going all the way to Canada, but I looked it up at the Internet and saw it was 'only' a 625 miles away from Canton. Will you take some poncho-work with you? Do you allready now what to expect the 21 of august? Wishing you a nice time at The Inn at Seven and all the best for the rest of that week.

hazel said...

Your bears look so cute Nancy I wish I could come to your craft fair there are always such lovely things to buy. Wishing you well for the 21st and enjoy your few days away with George. Thinking of you, Love Hazel (UK)

angelasweby said...

What a lovely hug of bears (I looked this word up and a group of bears really is called a hug....haha) They look so cuddly it couldn't be any other word! I don't think you will have any trouble selling out. Good luck with the fair, I would love to be there too.
Enjoy your holiday and put the oncologist's appt out of your mind for the time being :>)
Bear hugs, Angela

angelasweby said...

Ooop! I should have said, a group of teddy bears is called a hug!! A group of bear bears is called a sleuth or sloth - well, lesson over for today...haha!
Hugs Angela

Brigitte said...

Oh Nancy, those little bears are so lovely and cute in their ponchos. People at the craft show will love them.