Monday, August 24, 2009

Knitter's philosophy!

Hi everyone! It is me, Heidi. I broke in to my mother's blog with her permission to add a cute poem I found online. It just so fits her situation right now. And it is accompanied by a pretty print of The Knitter by Laura Wilder.

"Don't listen to trouble, don't give way to fears,
Purl away your problems, knit away your tears.
Visit a local yarn store, for it's therapy if your sick,
Why pay shrinks and doctors when more yarn will do the trick?"

~ from Jean Moss'Knitter's Song


Nancy said...

Thanks Heidi, that is very cute and really does fit me right now.
Love you, Mom

Judy said...

How sweet Heidi. You are such a great daughter. The poem is so sweet and so true.

Sonja said...

What a lovely poem that is! And yes it could have been written aspecially for you, Nancy!

Linda said... are a wonderful daughter and this is just perfect for your mom....hugs to you both, Linda

Tam said...

What a great poem Heidi and so sweet of you to add to your Mom's blog.
Hugs to both of you!

Mary said...

I love how Heidi is always there for you Nancy.......even across those many, many miles.

Thinking of you both at this time when life has become a bit bumpy for us all.

Hugs and good thoughts are coming your way.

onlymehere said...

This was so cute and thoughtful for Heidi to do. I've been thinking about you and hoping things are going well for you. Also, I'm keeping you in my prayers and hope things go as you want them to when you see the doctor next week. Cindy

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Nancy...I was just catching up on your blog. Even though I was away from blogger for quite some time you were always in my thoughts and prayers.

I hope you are doing well....I see chemo has been put on hold...I'm sure there will be more good news to follow from your doctor.
Stay strong.

angelasweby said...

Heidi, What an inspiring little poem and just right for your mum :>)
She couldn't ask for a lovelier daughter :>) She got the pattern right when she knitted you :>)
Big hugs Angela