Saturday, August 30, 2008


I wanted to show you there are other colors in the book I bought. LOL. I thought there were so many good patterns in the book, not just one or two. All of the fairies of the month are really cute.
This is one I think I really will do. I like it a lot.

I have two realliy good friends who might like the friend pillow.

All this alphabet is really neat, whether I would do it like this or not.

I really love blue also so these patterns are great too. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.

I was tagged by Sweetie, her blog is listed in the blogs I visit. She told me to name five songs I am embarrassed to say I like. Honestly, I cannot think of any. I love all types of music and I am not embarrassed to say so. Maybe Five Little Fishes, or Twinkle Little Star, I sing with Zoe. Hummmmm, no more I can think of. If anyone wants to try this, consider yourself tagged.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Yesterday, I went to Joann Fabrics and this is what I found.
Some of you already know I like the patterns that are colored better than black and white. I also really found out I like to do people. Heidi says I am nuts. They have a fairy for every month and boy do I like them.

The patterns are not by any means all red and white, but I think you can see how much I love red since I picked out these in red to show.

It really wasn't intentional. I just really like these patterns, and many more in the book.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


George and I went to the fair today, in the pouring rain, and watched the horse racing. My cousin's horse took third place and that was the first win for him. She was thrilled with third.
This is a quilt I was trying to tell Heidi about so today I took my camera. It has cross stitching in the blocks. Truly beautiful!
One of the blocks close up

This quilt won lots of ribbons and awards

Entries each year are supposed to be done within the year on all stitching projects.More of the same
Now I am showing you pictures of some quilts hanging around the area.

They came out a little dark. With the rain and little lighting, it isn't easy to get good shots.

Today I got an email from Debbie Macomber. She went to my blog after I told her I talked about her. She sent a very nice email. Thank you Debbie, you never write a bad book, they are all great and we get to know the people so well. I recommend her books to everyone.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


At 4:30 today, Bill, George and I will go meet my cousin Louise and go to the fair. Every year she and I go to the band show on opening day.
Tomorrow, one of Louise's horses will be racing in the harness racing. Their stables have several horses that will be racing tomorrow and Thursday. She named the horse that will race tomorrow after her brother who she always called Bobby Shafto. This horse is name Trottin Bobby Shafto. Good luck Louise.
This is one of the many local High School bands that will perform tonight. The come from every school in the county. This one is Lake from Hartville, Ohio

They have contest set up for Needlework, Flowers and Paintings and so on. They win ribbons. This is an example of a quilt they would show. They do all types of needlework.
They have many animals and there are usually a few spinners showing what they can do with the wood of the lamas and sheep. I love watching them.
Of course, there are a ton of food vendors. I love the flaky waffles, even though you do get powdered sugar all over you no matter how careful you are. You have a hard time choosing what you want as a main course. The granges are set up to do real meals orrrrrr all kinds of other things like stromboli or sausage sandwichs or corn dogs. Yummmmmmmmm
Wish I could say see you at the fair and the weather is great today, high 79 degrees. We will be taking a jacket, the grandstands can get chilly.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I think all of you know, I have the most talented daughter, Heidi. She has two blogs you can click on from the side of mine in case you have not visited her. Celebrate the Seasons and Needlenecessities.
There is not anything she can't do with a needle. She taught quilting to some Dutch ladies and they have all become her friends. She now hosts a quilt night at her house every month. I think the last count is 13 ladies. I know them and they are all wonderful people. Some I cannot talk to, since they only speak Dutch, but many do speak English. I look forward to seeing them when I go to Holland.
They have put on two quilt shows and I was able to go to both of them. It is amazing how different the quilts look when they all use the same pattern as the basis.
I would NEVER, and I did say never, would have attempted cross stitching without her support.
She taught George, my husband to cross stitch and he is a perfectionist just like she taught him to be. I asked him questions when I started. It started out as a joke, she was not able to run around one of the times we visited and she thought he would be bored. I said teach him to cross stitch. She said ok and to bring something he would like. We found a 5x7 train kit and it is now framed and hanging. He has several more finished and hanging up. I featured them on a way long ago entry .
Thank you Heidi, for being the wonderful person you are and I couldn't ask for a better daughter. I always call you "My Liddie Grill."
Sooooo, this a my tribute to MISS PICKLE THE ELF, AKA HEIDI LYNN.
My finished Henry the Eighth is featured on my last entry.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Since it is evening, the light was not the greatest, I even tried taking it outside to take but inside was best. Sorry for the flashback, my camera will not go off flash.
Sorry Heidi, I did leave the glass on this one, but I did listen to you and did not use a mat. As usual, you are right.
This view makes it look not straight in the frame, you can see by the first picture, it really is. LOL I think I would be crying if it wasn't.
Just so you can see the frame details

You can't actually see if very well, but I put my initials on the bottom, and the date in Roman Numerals since the wives had them.
Now, to answer all the questions I know I am going to get, I am already knitting a sweater, started yesterday, and I have some machine embroidery to do. Thanks for all the support ongoing through this project.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Last night, while watching the Olympics, I finished the border. I have a couple star burst to add to the bottom gold. I have to do a bird, a star, and backstitching yet. Next time maybe you will see it framed.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Ok, back to almost normal. I blend into the tree now. LOL. That is good. I was a blond for about 12 hours.
Tomorrow I will post a new photo. I went out in that oh so blond hair and oh my. Everytime I looked at it I thought I must have lost my mind. It is now light brown again. It is wet now, so when it dries and George is home, I will add a new picture.


Carolien requested a picture in the sun. My son is now voting and it is a noooooooooo
My cousin frosted my hair last night and it DID NOT come out like we planned.
She sat watching and said, hey, when you color your hair, doesn't it get darker?
I said yessss. She said it is getting white. Now, I do have to tell you, my hair is very very white. Well anyway this is the outcome.
George told me I should get rid of the sweater picture. He said it looks like i am
an old lady in a too big sweater. Well, I AM an old lady. Duh.
Be honest, keep it or not. My first instint was not to leave the house today. LOL
Tomorrow I might be posting a new picture with darker hair.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Today we went to a friends house to a picnic and I took this cake and ambrosia. The cake was not icing but whipped cream. We had lots of good food, everyone took something. If I try this cake again, I will cut more even strawberries. This was my first attempt at making it. Live and learn.
I just finished reading this J.D.Robb book and ready to start on the Sandra Brown. I am also still listening to the Debbie Macomber I started. It is 10 CD's. A longgggggg book.

Along with stitching everyday or evening, I am knitting a few items. I am working on an Autumn swap gift also, for our online stitching group, but can't tell any of that yet. I am also watching the olympics.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Today is my Princess Zoe's birthday. I talked to her Mommy and she said Zoe went to day care because she wanted to take cupcakes to treat and also they were going bowling.

I hope your package got to you, and I hope you have a wonderful day. Hope to see you soon. I love you

Monday, August 11, 2008


Here is my progress report on Henry. I am changing a couple things.
I do not like the big red roses going down the left side. I am very partial to Yorkshire, so I am taking only the center of the rose, which is the Yorkshire Rose. I have to do another blue bird, another star and two strawberries. The border is getting there. I have some backstitching also.

While stitching at the Inn at Lock 7, I was listening to talking books. I went to the library and George suggested I get talking books. What a good idea.

These are the two I listened to while there. I stopped stitching to knit two small projects.

Friday, August 8, 2008


As promised, here are just some of the many boats we were able to see and photograph from the balcony of the Inn at Lock 7, in Thorold, Canada.
This one is one of the Canadian Coast Guard boats. George tells me I have to call them ships, but guess what, I don't.

My favorite, favorite, did I mention favorite boat is a TUG. We were very lucky to see several this time. The very last one we saw was a tug but it was dark and even though I tried, the picture just didn't come out.

One more Beautiful little Tuggy doing soooo much work.

I took some pictures through the balcony rails to show just how close we are to them. This one is on the way up in the lock.

This one is entering the lock from the low side. There are 8 locks but this is THE ONLY place you can stay and see the boats so well.

This one is taken at the visitors center at Lock 3. I wanted to give you an idea of the size from the ground

Another view from Lock 3 and heading out to the other locks and then we saw it when it arrived at Lock 7 later in the day.

More views from the balcony seated.

This one is coming up in the water. Workers get off and on at this Lock. We know the routine now and watch for Taxi's to come up the road and then go around and enter from the other side of the water.

This is yet another wonderful little hard working Tug.

This one entering from Lock 6 is a very colorful boat from Holland. I wanted to run over to see if I could have a ride to visit Heidi, but thought the answer would be ahhhhhhh nooooooo.

This is the Dutch boat after it is raised and leaving Lock 7. If ever you have the chance to go to Canada, I strongly urge you to visit this family owed motel. Ed and Patricia are super hosts and would love to have you I am sure. Hope you see this entry Patricia.