Sunday, August 24, 2008


I think all of you know, I have the most talented daughter, Heidi. She has two blogs you can click on from the side of mine in case you have not visited her. Celebrate the Seasons and Needlenecessities.
There is not anything she can't do with a needle. She taught quilting to some Dutch ladies and they have all become her friends. She now hosts a quilt night at her house every month. I think the last count is 13 ladies. I know them and they are all wonderful people. Some I cannot talk to, since they only speak Dutch, but many do speak English. I look forward to seeing them when I go to Holland.
They have put on two quilt shows and I was able to go to both of them. It is amazing how different the quilts look when they all use the same pattern as the basis.
I would NEVER, and I did say never, would have attempted cross stitching without her support.
She taught George, my husband to cross stitch and he is a perfectionist just like she taught him to be. I asked him questions when I started. It started out as a joke, she was not able to run around one of the times we visited and she thought he would be bored. I said teach him to cross stitch. She said ok and to bring something he would like. We found a 5x7 train kit and it is now framed and hanging. He has several more finished and hanging up. I featured them on a way long ago entry .
Thank you Heidi, for being the wonderful person you are and I couldn't ask for a better daughter. I always call you "My Liddie Grill."
Sooooo, this a my tribute to MISS PICKLE THE ELF, AKA HEIDI LYNN.
My finished Henry the Eighth is featured on my last entry.


Carolien said...

What a lovely entry, Nancy. Well done! You sure have the best daughter ... She gave me the recipe of your yummie hot fudge sauce and tonight we will eat BRS as sert (thanks for being adopted! Try to speak the right language now :) The brownies are ready, so is the whipped cream and the ice cream. The girls will make the sauce after my oven dish ... we're dreaming already!

Have a nice day & hugs, Carolien

Heidi said...

Well thank you mother but my stitching and quilting has very much to do with you and dad encouraging me to try my hand at anything. You never said no and supported any of my efforts. And the quilting has to do with all the runs on Saturdays to Amish country as I was growing up. Seeing all those quilts and the high prices and thinking I could really try that. So I am going to put this tribute right back to my dear mother and her encouraging me to always try and never give up.

Love and hugs ~

Mary said...

You are just the sweetest Mother and Daughter team I know. It's so wonderful to see how close you are, and always have been, despite the many miles that now separate you.
I felt this way about the relationship I had with my Mother, even though separated by the 'pond' since I was 19. Amost every year I made the effort to go home, or bring her over here to visit, even though it was quite a financial struggle in the early years. Funnily enough, we too shared that huge love of sewing and needle arts.........just like you two! I miss her so much but am thankful a distance of three thousand plus miles never disminished our great love.

Love you both.
Fondly, Mary.

hazel said...

Hi Nancy,

After holidaying with Nancy and Heidi I agree that they have a very special relationship and Heidi is certainly very talented, caring and loves to share her knowledge with you. I to thank you Heidi for all the inspiration you have given me, you are really special to know.
Love Hazel

Saskia said...

So true, Nancy.
Just this afternoon spending some time with Heidi gives my spirit a boost.
But the two of you are 2 of one kind.
I think I have sort of the same relationship with my mother, but I don't know if could be so far apart living in two different continents, like you do.
Hugs Saskia (and Rover)

Barbara said...

Nancy, what a wonderful tribute to Heidi, but I think you deserve just as much praise..after all, you brought her up and gave her the chance to do all she does. You both deserve a very special tribute.

Linda said... do have a most talented and gifted daughter and I think you are very special too.

I have been enjoying her blogs and I'm always amazed and pleased to see all her wonderful needle skills.

I didn't know George stitched....I'm going to have to go back and find those posts. Hugs, Linda

Rhondi said...

You are very blessed to have such a wonderful daughter and I think she is very special too!