Tuesday, August 26, 2008


At 4:30 today, Bill, George and I will go meet my cousin Louise and go to the fair. Every year she and I go to the band show on opening day.
Tomorrow, one of Louise's horses will be racing in the harness racing. Their stables have several horses that will be racing tomorrow and Thursday. She named the horse that will race tomorrow after her brother who she always called Bobby Shafto. This horse is name Trottin Bobby Shafto. Good luck Louise.
This is one of the many local High School bands that will perform tonight. The come from every school in the county. This one is Lake from Hartville, Ohio

They have contest set up for Needlework, Flowers and Paintings and so on. They win ribbons. This is an example of a quilt they would show. They do all types of needlework.
They have many animals and there are usually a few spinners showing what they can do with the wood of the lamas and sheep. I love watching them.
Of course, there are a ton of food vendors. I love the flaky waffles, even though you do get powdered sugar all over you no matter how careful you are. You have a hard time choosing what you want as a main course. The granges are set up to do real meals orrrrrr all kinds of other things like stromboli or sausage sandwichs or corn dogs. Yummmmmmmmm
Wish I could say see you at the fair and the weather is great today, high 79 degrees. We will be taking a jacket, the grandstands can get chilly.


Heidi said...

Gee, it is already that time of year again. Are you going to be a bad girl and bet your pennies on Louise's horse? I am sure you all four will have a great day at the fair.

Hugs ~

Linda said...

Nancy, have the best time at the fair.
The exhibits sound great and I always eat tons of stuff while I'm there. Last year I had a fried twinkie...very rich but loved it:).
Good luck at the races...hope Louise's horse wins and you all win too.
Have a fun...hugs, Linda

p.s...I like the new look of you blog.

Barbara said...

Nancy, the fair sounds like lots of fun. We have our fair here in July and we always go on Friday evening to visit, see the animals, and eat the food! Enjoy your time there and hope you win big on the horse race.

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

I hope you enjoy the fair! I like your picture at the right, by the way!

Hugs, Carolien

Christine said...

Lucky you Nancy going to the fair. Those country fairs are just the best. Have fun and enjoy all that yummy fair food!

Love the quilt, especially the little pig block. Too cute! Thanks for sharing.

Sweetie said...

If you have the time, I'm tagging you to name the 5 songs you are embarrassed to like.