Saturday, August 16, 2008


Today we went to a friends house to a picnic and I took this cake and ambrosia. The cake was not icing but whipped cream. We had lots of good food, everyone took something. If I try this cake again, I will cut more even strawberries. This was my first attempt at making it. Live and learn.
I just finished reading this J.D.Robb book and ready to start on the Sandra Brown. I am also still listening to the Debbie Macomber I started. It is 10 CD's. A longgggggg book.

Along with stitching everyday or evening, I am knitting a few items. I am working on an Autumn swap gift also, for our online stitching group, but can't tell any of that yet. I am also watching the olympics.


Barbara said...

Nancy, your cake looks good. Do you have any left? I made a trip to the quilting store for some more Presencia threads for a chart I want to stitch, then to the book store. Went to the Library's 25 cent sale the other day, came home with 5 books. Love your orange yarn!

Anonymous said...

You sound really busy =D i cant wait to see the fall swap items! have fun listening to your book =D

Carolien said...

That cake looks yummie, Nancy!
Have fun with all your projects & have a nice Sunday ...

Hugs, Carolien

Heidi said...

That is a fun cake mother! And is so you too. Who had the picnic? At least with the Debbie Macomber talking book, it will take you through lots of your stitching. I still cannot get used to saying that to you. I would have bet a million dollars my mother would NEVER stitch and see I would have been bankrupt now too. LOL! You never stop surprising me.

Love and hugs ~

Lilysmom said...

That cake looks so yummy!