Friday, August 22, 2008


Since it is evening, the light was not the greatest, I even tried taking it outside to take but inside was best. Sorry for the flashback, my camera will not go off flash.
Sorry Heidi, I did leave the glass on this one, but I did listen to you and did not use a mat. As usual, you are right.
This view makes it look not straight in the frame, you can see by the first picture, it really is. LOL I think I would be crying if it wasn't.
Just so you can see the frame details

You can't actually see if very well, but I put my initials on the bottom, and the date in Roman Numerals since the wives had them.
Now, to answer all the questions I know I am going to get, I am already knitting a sweater, started yesterday, and I have some machine embroidery to do. Thanks for all the support ongoing through this project.


Linda said...

Stunning, what a beautiful piece. Nancy, when I clicked on your blog and saw Henry framed it just took my breath away...I think the frame is perfect. This is a treasure that will give you much pleasure....hugs, Linda

Barbara said...

Nancy, you did a beautiful job stitching this chart. The frame is just right for Henry and his wives. It is very lovely. What a treasure you have.

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Great job!

hazel said...

Oh Nancy it is beautiful and the frame really suits it. You can be very proud of yourself and I know you will enjoy looking at it.

Love Hazel
(Miss Marple)

Heidi said...

Oh my mother! You are just too clever! Using Roman numerals for the date is so neat. I LOVE THAT FRAME! A fancy frame and no mat was really the best. Not only am I so proud of my little mother, I can now tell everyone that SHE is the stitcher in the family. :)

Love and hugs ~

Sweetie said...

Your finished work is beautiful. You have a wonderful talent. Now I am going on to Heidi's blog.
Hugs and stuff,

Teresa said...

You have done such a beautiful job on this piece. I love the frame it is perfect.
Thanks for the compliment on my blog colors. Go back and look at the bottom of my blog, I have something there too!


Carolien said...

Tada! Oh, this is beautiful, Nancy! The frame is perfect and so are Henry and his wives. You did a great job and you sure are a hard working and great stitcher!

Hugs, Carolien

Anonymous said...

U dun good!
The other stitcher

Mary said...

It's absolutely gorgeous Nancy - you should be very proud of your efforts. Did you frame it yourself? Lovely job.

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Nancy, Henry looks FANTASTIC!! you did a wonderful job and the faming is just perfect.

Sorry for not being around for a bit, computer lost all my blogs!!

Like your hair from the last picture. The blonde was a bit too light!


Elly said...

Dear Nancy

You made a wonderful piece of stitchiing. I love the colours, Henry, his wives and especially the frame. You couldn't choose a better one. Have you already started a new project?
Hugs en groetjes Elly

Lilysmom said...

Wow! great job Aunt Nancy! I know you worked really hard on it and it shows!

Brigitte said...

Wow, Nancy, this is just gorgeous!! What a great finish! You stitched this in no time - it would take me years to finish such a masterpiece. The frame you chose is absolutely perfect for the theme of the picture. Congratulations!

Joni said...

WOW!!! Henry and the girls look fantastic and the frame is utterly perfect. Great job, Nancy!

Clare said...

A piece to treasure Nancy. The frame certainly compliments your work.

Christine said...

Wow Nancy, I can't over you! Who would have thought that was one of your first x-stitch pieces. It is amazing, beautifully stitched and framed. On top of that you did it in record time. You should be very proud of yourself. What is your next project?

I like your hair colors both ways but darker does make you look younger.

sanpol said...

Really magnificent. I'm French and history teacher and this is exactly what I would like to have in my class. But in France, it's impossible to find such a beautiful embroIdery. Splendid and well done.