Friday, June 24, 2011


Meet Abigail Lynn, born June 23rd weighing 9 pounds 3 ozs. She is 22 inches long. She is a beauty.
This is the proud Mom and Dad handing the baby to big sister, Zoe
Her she is, proudly holding her new sister

Monday, June 20, 2011


For George's birthday, he got this upside down garden from Becky and Eric. We planted two tomato and two pepper plants in it. They are doing great.

One day, talking to Heidi she gave me the idea to make a little scene on the top of it. I had dollhouse furniture I never used, and some gnomes in my collection, so this it what it turned out to be. I took parts of two small plants, and put them in too. A blogger gave Heidi the idea. I love it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


By now, I am sure all of you know that my daughter Heidi lives in Holland. This is her house. It is a beautiful home, after many headaches and much work, (she and Jos both) want it perfect , it is getting there.

She is very creative and sentimental. These are her shoes from when she was a tiny little girl.

Recently, she taught herself to crochet. This is an afghan she made for the new baby, Abigail, due to arrive on June 23rd in Arizona.
This is a heart that she recently quilted the inside of. You can see the metal heart in the next picture that I borrowed from Saskia,
Thank you Saskia, you can click on her blog from my friends list. I love this heart and the colors she chose to do it. I told her it is in danger of jumping into my suitcase the next time I come over.

These pictures were posted on Saskia's blog of quilt night at Heidi's. She has this once a month in her beautiful quilt studio in her home. I have been there many times and this is a fun group of ladies. You can see the heart I showed you if you enlarge the picture. This is before it was quilted.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Here she is, my Zoe Princess. She just left to go back to Cleveland. She is flying home on the 17th. I will be missing her now very much.
She was just having a ton of fun using my mini computer while she was here.

I made two doll dresses for her, and this one I made a skirt and she made the top and a scarf for her.
No one is ever allowed to get into my doll houses, but guess who did. She cleaned them for me, and did a very good job.
Here she is cleaning the toy shop and apartment. She was very careful, she even did my biggest one in my bedroom.
This is when we were getting ready to board the train that leaves from Canton and goes to Akron. We were the only three passengers onboard on Sunday.