Monday, December 31, 2012


Hope all of you have a wonderful New Year.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and please pray for our  Military and their families waiting at home.  We used to be one of those families.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


 Mandie lost her original village I painted for her many years ago, so I have started a new one.  She already has it, so I can show it.  I forgot to take a picture of the people.  Oh well.  I will add pieces as I can get them.
 My cousin, Louise, wanted a lap robe.  She has been grounded with pain in her legs which now they have decided comes from her back.  She is in therapy for it now and doing better.  She doesn't have this yet, but also has no computer.
 The 17th was Bill's birthday.  I cheated and bought the two layer cake, but made him the oatmeal cakes he gets every year.  His favorite and he takes them home.  Eric just lite the cake.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


The top sweater I just finished for Eric.  The bottom one for Heidi.  It was going to be for
Christmas, but the package arrives at her house on Sinterklaus day so I told her to go
ahead and open it.  She once told me she can't get brown yarn in Holland.  Eric's is pure
wool but not hers.  She gave  me all her wool sweaters, lucky me.  The front of Heidi/'s
has some of the same patterns as Eric's.  I made the pattern up as I went along.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Zoe and her Mom are busy getting ready for Christmas.  Wonder if Abby helped too?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


My niece posted this on facebook today, it was so cute I had to post it.
It is all made out of veggies.  I am cooking dinner, but I don't think this
turkey will be on my table.

Monday, November 12, 2012


 I really love the book I bought for my Indians.  Also in that book is the alphabet and things the
initial stands for.  I did the W and G for Bill to go with the Warrior and Squaw.  To keep the glare off the glass, I have to take the picture from an angle.  (I know Heidi, I shouldn't have glass on them)
I did the M for Mitchell and the H for Haali and took them when I went to Arizona.

Friday, October 19, 2012

It's me again...Lola! I am again taking over the KnittingPaths blog. *grins* Since I know that dear Nancy loves gnomes, I am sure this pattern would be on her list of things to make this year.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Cindy asked me to post the framed Indians when I finished stitching them.  I just finished backstitching the squaw tonight.  Bill helped me frame them.  We had to redo the warrior,
we couldn't get the same color frame.  They said they don't stock it anymore.  I might have
found it at another Joann Fabrics, but the frames were 60% off so easier to just match them

and keep the other one for another day. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Heidi has a blogging friend who posted a flag for her yard with a harness racing horse and bike.  My cousin Louise is an owner of a harness racing horse.  I wanted a flag for her.  Lillian said she would make one free and I would not let her.  That would have not at all been fair since I do not even know this blogger.
Soooo, we decided on a trade.  I would make something for her in return.  We both got our packages on the same day.  I made her two placemats with pockets for silverware, two different size crocheted boxes, one blue (shown) and a smaller on cream to match the placemats with blue napkins in it.  I also made her a dishcloth.
My cousin does not have the flag yet but she doesn't have a computer so I am safe to show it.  She will be so thrilled.
Thank you so much Lillian, you are a wonderful person to do this for me.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The stitching is finished and now she is waiting for the backstitching.  Bill and I will take the
Warrior with us to Joann Fabrics so we can be sure to get the same frame for the Squaw.
She will soon be hanging on his wall.

Friday, August 24, 2012

You always need stash..... is me...the ghost blogger (writer) once again. I could not resist another Lola cartoon. Wonder if my mother has a little red wagon to take to the shops for more stash??? *grins*

Wonder if this blogger will be changing her password soon to keep the ghost blogger from writing? *wink*

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I got this quilt from Heidi when I went to Holland.  I have it hanging on the back of my rocking chair.

A month ago, I developed Shingles.  Let me tell you, that it is not fun.  If you have not had the vaccine, I recommend you get it.  It burns and is quite painful.  I spent two weeks on pain pills and laying on my couch covered in this nice little quilt made by Heidi.  I pretty much went from the couch to my chair those two weeks.

I feel much better now, and have been working on my Indian and now got a crochet bug.  I bought a book at Joann Fabrics for some ideas and am now working on item number six.  LOL   I can only show one item now.  The rest are gifts not yet delivered.

The crocheted hanging bag is for George, to hold his games.  He is addicted to Solitaire.  He has three in the house and one in the car. This is to hold the three.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


My cousin was visiting from Virginia and brought these books for me to read.  I have already read three of the top set 

This brings back memories of long ago.  We used to live 5 houses from this railroad tracks.  Our friend called to say a stream train was coming through from Columbus to Pittsburgh.  We made it to a crossing very near where we lived as kids.  Five minutes later the steam train came through with all the smoke like the old days coming from it.  It was great to see it.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

I finished part three of my Indian and ready for part four.  I have to go
back to do her feathers and backstitching then it will be ready to frame
and go to Bill's to join the Warrior.  Hope I can find the same frame I

bought for him.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Now who does this remind me of???

This is not Nancy. *grins* Someone took over Nancy's blog and put this humorous cartoon published in the Lion Brand newsletter on her blog. Of course, the fact that the son in the bright floral shirt resembles my brothers ... yes, both of them minus the thick head of hair ... might give you a clue as to who took the blog over today. *wink*

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


My sister was nine years older than me and I have very happy memories of her.  One very dear one is when I was about 8, we shared a room and she would wake up on Sunday Morning and tell me to go downstairs and get her a cup cake and the funny papers.  Of course I would say I didn't want to and then she said "If you don't I am going to give you to the garbage man"  I went, but of course she never would have but guess I didn't really know that then. 
She always called me Rag Leg.  I guess because my favorite doll was rag with long legs. 
When she was in the hospital and before she got so bad, we were talking about this.  She said "boy, I was mean huh"  I said no, you were not mean.
In the end she was so very bad that we all knew she had to go to see her family in heaven.  She will be missed but fondly remembered.  Good bye Ruthie.
Thanks Heidi for finding the picture and doing such a nice tribute on your Cranberry Chronicle blog.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Indian Lady Part Three

I could not get my camera to work the other day, so section two did not get recorded.
I am now working on section three and the skirt is coming up and looks like it could be
quite a challenge.  We shall see soon.
Thanks Heidi for my now patriotic side bars.  I cannot do this new blogger at all.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


My latest project is coming right along.  A few days ago it looked like the above picture.  I was talking to Heidi  and she said I should post it and say BUSY.    There are many many color changes on this Indian lady.  I am almost finished with the first section.  I am doing it in four sections.  Slow but sure!

Friday, April 20, 2012


I cannot figure this new blog setting at all.  Here are three finishes I did.  The yarn
bin is not empty even after making this oversized afghan.  Oh well, maybe I will find
some other uses for the rest of it.  
The ponchos were made for Zoe and Abby for Easter.  They live in a warm climate, but
it does get cool iu the mornings and evenings, so maybe they will get some use of them. 
Zoe wore hers while I was there.  The afghan is queen size.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I decided to use up all the yarn I have left from the ponchos I made last year.  It has been sitting in my sewing room so it is time to get it used up.  There is no order to what I am  doing here.  Random picks out of the bin.
In the meantime, I stopped reading my nook and read three books that Bill bought.  This is two of them.  A new author for us and really a very good one.  It is a series and we started way into it, not knowing it was a series but it really doesn't matter.  Every book is on it's own.  These books are cheaper on my nook but he bought them.  
We also just read a JD Robb book, aka Nora Roberts.  It is New York to Dallas and a really good one.  Those also you should read in order.  
Okay Heidi, does this count as a 366 challenge??????

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Heidi changed my blog look last week and now it is only fitting that this little guy says
"Top of the Mornin to you".   Our St Patrick's Day is predicted to be sunny and in the 
70's.  Hope that is true.  We have had a very mild winter in Ohio this year and I am
not going to complain. 
I am watching DVD's that Bill bought me and I am just getting around to watching them.
It is the first season of the TV show Castle.  I am so loving it.   It is in the third year now,
but I want to buy year two also.  I have not been watching it since it comes on late here.
I think I will just have to after I get these DVD's watched.  
Still reading and crocheting also.  I am making an afghan from all my yarn leftover from
ponchos.  I will post it another day.  
Have a great ST Pat's Day and thanks Heidi for my new blog look.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Heidi had her birthday in February, and she is always after me to make things for her. I decided to crochet a sweater and this is the results. It did fit her which made me very happy.

The cuffs are very tight but she said she liked them that way. This pattern called for Homespun Yarn, but I really don't like it, so I used Red Heart. It is a cardigan.

Handmade socks are a favorite of hers, so here is the pair she got for her birthday..
They are self striping, so you just have to be sure you start the second on at the same place in the yarn to make them match.

This is a knitted sweater I made and consider it a reject. I think it came out to big. I am not paying for postage for something I am not sure would fit. It is just sitting up in my sewing room now. Not the first time I made something I'm not crazy about. LOL. I am now working on two more projects and just finished another one minus buttons.

I am so wrapped up in reading my Nook, I find it hard to do any crafts now. I knit while watching TV in the evening. Not much good on so that isn't helping much.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My gift from George for Christmas this year, was a trip to Holland. It was a great gift and we had a really good time. While there, Heidi gave me gifts to bring home for Christmas. She gave me this nutcracker from Germany from her collection. The cute little snowlady and two sheep. Everyone knows I love sheep and especially the wonderful wool they give me for knitting. The snowman ornament is also from Heidi and Jos. The Sinterklaus is a gift from a friend here in the states. He knows my connection to Holland and thought I would like this Sint from his collection.
The Sint is from the Danbury mint and so well done. The faces on everything are perfect. The wooden shoes even have carrots for Sints white horse. I will treasure this nice gift.
Last year, Heidi made a heart like this and I loved it. While we were there, she bought a heart and made one for me. I think she thought I would put hers in my suitcase and she might be right. Thanks you for the pretty heart now hanging in my living room, and for the wonderful stay we had at your house.