Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My gift from George for Christmas this year, was a trip to Holland. It was a great gift and we had a really good time. While there, Heidi gave me gifts to bring home for Christmas. She gave me this nutcracker from Germany from her collection. The cute little snowlady and two sheep. Everyone knows I love sheep and especially the wonderful wool they give me for knitting. The snowman ornament is also from Heidi and Jos. The Sinterklaus is a gift from a friend here in the states. He knows my connection to Holland and thought I would like this Sint from his collection.
The Sint is from the Danbury mint and so well done. The faces on everything are perfect. The wooden shoes even have carrots for Sints white horse. I will treasure this nice gift.
Last year, Heidi made a heart like this and I loved it. While we were there, she bought a heart and made one for me. I think she thought I would put hers in my suitcase and she might be right. Thanks you for the pretty heart now hanging in my living room, and for the wonderful stay we had at your house.


Heidi said...

Glad you liked all your gifts. Having just been here for SinterKlaas, it is appropriate that you have him. :-)

And yes...I knew you would steal my heart if I did not make you one. You have done it

Love and hugs,

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy and George,

It was so nice seeing you again in Holland! And ALL the best for 2012!!!

Dutch hugs from us all, Carolien

Brigitte said...

Nancy, these gifts are wonderful. I hope you were having a great time at Heidi's.
I'M late but I want to wish you a great new crafting and reading year!