Friday, August 24, 2012

You always need stash..... is me...the ghost blogger (writer) once again. I could not resist another Lola cartoon. Wonder if my mother has a little red wagon to take to the shops for more stash??? *grins*

Wonder if this blogger will be changing her password soon to keep the ghost blogger from writing? *wink*

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I got this quilt from Heidi when I went to Holland.  I have it hanging on the back of my rocking chair.

A month ago, I developed Shingles.  Let me tell you, that it is not fun.  If you have not had the vaccine, I recommend you get it.  It burns and is quite painful.  I spent two weeks on pain pills and laying on my couch covered in this nice little quilt made by Heidi.  I pretty much went from the couch to my chair those two weeks.

I feel much better now, and have been working on my Indian and now got a crochet bug.  I bought a book at Joann Fabrics for some ideas and am now working on item number six.  LOL   I can only show one item now.  The rest are gifts not yet delivered.

The crocheted hanging bag is for George, to hold his games.  He is addicted to Solitaire.  He has three in the house and one in the car. This is to hold the three.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


My cousin was visiting from Virginia and brought these books for me to read.  I have already read three of the top set 

This brings back memories of long ago.  We used to live 5 houses from this railroad tracks.  Our friend called to say a stream train was coming through from Columbus to Pittsburgh.  We made it to a crossing very near where we lived as kids.  Five minutes later the steam train came through with all the smoke like the old days coming from it.  It was great to see it.