Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another Family Member

My oldest son, Bill is very talented also. He was taught to knit and chrochet by my mother when he was about 8 years old. He never does it,
but he still can.

He is an artist but I can't get him to do that now either. He painted these pictures for me many years ago.

He did two for his grandma, which he now has in his house. He painted a farm for my cousin, the one she owned. I think Heidi and Marlene, my pen pal in England also have one.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Sibling Rivalry

My youngest son, Eric, is the owner operator of this flatbed semi truck.
He likes to drive in the Northwest, and it tends to get very cold there. He wanted a
Quilt, and wanted Heidi to make it. She told him not until he believes in Santa. Eric
doesn't do Christmas, soooooooooo, he said ok, I will have to make one myself.
He started last night and worked until midnight, then today he finished it.
Every stitch in it is his, right down to the quilt label, which he made on my
embroidery machine. The fabric is from Gettysburg and is authentic civil
war. Mandie, my granddaughter got it while at a reenactment. I think he
did a fantastic job on this. Keep warm Eric, I am proud of you.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

George's cross stitching

One of times we visited Holland, Heidi was concerned George would be bored.
She was not well then, and couldn't do a lot of running around. I jokingly said
"well, teach him to cross stitch." She did, and he took off on it. I am showing you
the first picture he ever did, which is this train.

He has made several more, but the best of show is this tulip field and windmills.
We found the kit for him, and I think he thought we were crazy when we told
him to do it. He did, and here it is.

My Dutch Treasures

This is my dining room hutch and as you can see, it is full of memories for me. The dishes are dutch and gifts from Heidi and Jos, my Dutch kids. They gave them to me as gifts for different occasions. Heidi called it Dutch Wedgewood, but there is an official name for them. Heidi can tell you in the comments. The dolls on the top are gifts from Jacomina, one of Heidi's quilt ladies. She made all the outfits the dolls are making and totally made the pin cushion. The wooden shoe is also a gift from her. I treasure each item. the doll on the bottom I bought at a tourist trap town my son-in-law hates, but takes me there. The single plate is also a gift from Heidi and Jos.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Spinning Wheel

This spinning wheel was found by Heidi in a second hand
store in Holland. Jos, my son-in-law had to stand in line
to get it because the store only sold items on a Sat. morning.
My husband had to take it apart to bring it home in my
suitcase and put it all back together here. The wool is from
sheep on a farm in Northern Holland and spun by the owner
of the sheep.

This is my Latest Knitting Project

This is my latest knitting project. I have taught both my granddaughters and my great grandddaughter how to knit. My next goal is to
have my greatgranddaughter knit a sweater.
She just finished a beautiful afghan she chrocheted and it is posted on her Mom's blog, Christiancrafter. She is just turning 14 and is a most talented girl.

Little Dutch Knitters

This is a picture from Holland where my daughter Heidi lives. I visit her at least once a year. I fell in
love with this picture so when I told Heidi I was
going to start a blog, she said "Oh Mom, I know just
the picture you should use. I visit her blogs and my
granddaughter Kristy's everyday. You will love their
blogs, not so sure about mine. Needlenecessities and
ClebrateTheSeasons and ChristianCrafter.